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Photograph of a highway in Colorado during Autumn.

SEM-EP On the Road

Jan 9, 2023

SEM Endorsement Program participants visit and learn about the Colorado higher education department's enrollment strategies.

Scrabble tiles portraying silhouettes of professionals.

HR Professionals Eyeing the CLR

Jan 9, 2023

See how the comprehensive learner record can be used as a tool for your recruitment and hiring initiatives.

Group of writers collaborating around a table on a project.

College & University Welcomes New Editorial Board Members

Jan 9, 2023

Meet the newest members of AACRAO's College & University Journal editorial board.

One person passing a baton to another with the sun setting in the background.

Succession Planning in Higher Ed

Jan 9, 2023

Learn about and participate in research in institutional succession planning.

Instructor teaching a group of adult students.

Giving Back Through Coaching

Dec 23, 2022

Meet AACRAO's 2022 ASCEND cohort coaches.

Empty board room.

Meet your Board and Get Involved

Dec 23, 2022

Learn more about the AACRAO Board of Directors and apply to be Parliamentarian.

Old fashioned writing desk with quill and parchment.

SEMQ Special Edition - Call for Authors

Dec 23, 2022

SEMQ seeks authors for an upcoming Special Edition focused on topics in DEI.

Photograph of a glass globe sitting on top of a stack of books.

Renew and Build your Skills

Dec 23, 2022

Learn more about the in-person International Institute coming in February.

Young professional reading with a cup of coffee.

What You're Reading - Top 10 Most-Viewed Connect Articles of 2022

Dec 23, 2022

See the most viewed articles of Connect in 2022.

Student shaking hands with an higher education recruiter.

How to Create a Recruitment Plan

Dec 12, 2022

Understand how to create, optimize, or revitalize your student recruitment plan.

Illustration of a person checking off a list.

Enhancing Ourselves to Enhance Our Environment

Dec 12, 2022

Learn about AACRAO's ASCEND program from a participant's perspective and see what the program is all about.

University student pondering decisions from an outlook on campus.

Understanding & Improving Student Retention

Dec 12, 2022

Read the latest volume of AACRAO's College & University Journal exploring topics in Student Retention, Higher Ed Healthcare, Education Policy, and much more.

cartoon figure reminiscent of Einstein stands in front of a chalkboard with the board "FERPA" written on it

Ask the FERPA Professor

Dec 12, 2022

The FERPA Professor answers a question about student consent methodology and practice in the case of a deceased student.

2022-23 ASCEND Cohort at Toronto SEM

Passing the Baton

Nov 29, 2022

AACRAO Leadership Development program closes another chapter.

Group of seated SEM22 attendees enjoying a session.

SEM Conference - Embedding Equity in SEM

Nov 28, 2022

Learn how Minnesota State University incorporates equity into SEM planning and implementation.

University marching band drum team on parade.

The Drumbeat Grows Louder: CLR/LER is the Future of Academic Record Practices

Nov 28, 2022

Catch up on all the CLR/LER updates happening in the higher education community, view resources, and get involved.

SEM22 presenter speaking at a lecturn.

SEM Conference - Scaling to Standout

Nov 28, 2022

See how Indiana State University reenvisioned its recruitment efforts to overcome declining enrollment.

Illustration of a displaced family of refugees fleeing conflict.

Supporting Displaced Students

Nov 28, 2022

See how one institution supports displaced & vulnerable students on their campus and access resources to help your institution get started.

Groups of SEM Conference attendees sitting at round tables.

SEM Conference - The Great Resignation Roundtable

Nov 15, 2022

Data-driven approaches to the great resignation and member insights from individual institutions.

Group of SEM22 Conference attendees enjoying a session.

SEM Conference - The Enrollment Relationship Model

Nov 15, 2022

Developing a functional and practical enrollment relationship model for SEM.