Dr. Kevin Pollock

AACRAO Senior Consultant

Dr. Kevin Pollock is an AACRAO Senior Consultant. Prior to this role, he served as the fifth President of Montgomery County Community College and began his tenure on April 1, 2016. Dr. Pollock has more than 38 years of education experience at four-year private and public colleges as well as community colleges. His diverse roles include college administration, strategic planning, leadership and enrollment management. He is a national expert on student success models, a frequent national speaker who has spoken more than 130 times at conferences and colleges, and has authored more than 20 book chapters and articles.

At Montgomery County Community College Dr. Pollock oversaw the implementation of a new core curriculum, including math reform, and the creation of pathways for all College programs. During his tenure, the College created a new vision, mission, and strategic plan, and updated its brand and marketing strategies. The College implemented an integrated holistic advising approach, developed through the Gates Foundation iPass grants. In addition, the College enhanced its student success models by creating short-term enrollment goals, moving to a virtual bookstore platform, and creating a 24/7 tutoring model.

Before arriving at Montgomery, Dr. Pollock served as President of St. Clair County Community College in Port Huron, Michigan, from 2009-2016. During his tenure, the institution experienced record enrollment, embarked on new student success initiatives, created early and middle college programs, increased its grant funding, became a leader in green initiatives, and strengthened its connections with the community. The institution also adopted a new vision, mission and data informed strategic plan, that was tied to national best practices.

Prior to assuming a presidential role, Dr. Pollock spent nine years as Vice President of Student Services at West Shore Community College in Scottville, Michigan. He also held a number of leadership roles in admissions and recruitment, and he taught middle and high school English early in his career.

Dr. Pollock holds a Ph.D. in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Michigan University.

Tomikia LeGrande, Ed.D.

Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management

Dr. Tomikia LeGrande has been involved in AACRAO and Strategic Enrollment Management for 15 years. Tomikia has been involved in the Association as an active conference attendee and presenter, team experience coach for institution teams attending the SEM conference, SEM Endorsement Program faculty member, and the ASCEND Leadership Program Curriculum Workgroup Chair. Tomikia serves as Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is often sought after to assist Universities and organizations in strategic planning, new technology implementation, change management, and policy and business process redesign. In addition to her practitioner and leadership role at VCU, she serves as a consultant for special projects for AACRAO Consulting.

Tomikia has paved the way in diversity initiatives for higher education. She helped kick off the Leaders in Enrollment Advancing Diversity (LEAD) Initiative, with goals to take a multi-pronged approach to identifying and preparing a diverse group of enrollment leaders for leadership roles in Enrollment Management in North America and across the globe. 


Jeff Bohrer

Technical Program Manager

IMS Global Learning Consortium

Jeff Bohrer’s career has focused on supporting the mission of educational institutions through academic technology administration, support, and training.

Jeff serves as a program manager for digital credentials initiatives at IMS Global Learning Consortium, a non-profit, member-driven organization whose mission is to enable the adoption and impact of innovative learning technology. Jeff leads a variety of projects and programs related to digital badges, comprehensive learner records, and the interoperability of learning technologies. Jeff is also co-chair of the EDUCAUSE Microcredentials and Badges Constituent Group.

Prior to joining IMS, Jeff was an academic technology manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison responsible for leading teams that support university-wide systems for learning management, media delivery, collaboration, content development, assessment, and analytics. Jeff also served on numerous committees at the campus, state, and national levels. Additionally, Jeff has held academic technology positions at Dartmouth College and in the Mahtomedi (MN) Public Schools.

Jeff holds a master's degree in technology for learning and development and a bachelor's degree in secondary education, both from the University of South Dakota.

Tracy Robinson

Director of Academic Innovations, University of Memphis

Jackie Arnold

Director of Strategic Relationships, Saylor Academy

Dan Alig

Chief Information Officer, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Dan Alig is the Chief Information Officer of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He leads Wharton Computing in delivering IT resources to faculty, students, staff, and alumni and developing strategies to enhance the School’s mission with technology. He began working at Wharton in 1999, supporting technology for the Graduate Division and has since moved through a variety of job functions with progressively increasing responsibility.

Dan led the team that built the implementation of Course Match, which doubled student satisfaction with course registration and cut schedule inequality in half. His leadership brought together an inter-disciplinary and multi-function group from the registrar's office, IT, and faculty to realize Wharton's largest increase in student happiness in 20 years.

Matt Boulos

CEO of Cognomos

Matt Boulos is the founder and CEO of Cognomos, the company that supports the continued development and wide-spread deployment of Course Match in higher education. He is an experienced founder with a track record of creating solutions for the social sector and higher education.

Course Match is a registration platform that uses an algorithm to distribute class schedules based on student preferences. It is the only registration method in production that is simultaneously fair, efficient, and strategy-proof. Its underlying concepts were first developed at Harvard and Carnegie Mellon (in economics and computer science) to find a practical way to improve the process of course enrolment for higher education institutions. The research was adopted by the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 for the flagship MBA program of its Wharton School.

After this success, the University of Pennsylvania received considerable inbound interest from other academic institutions hoping to deploy the Course Match technology. It chose to form a separate company called Cognomos (in which it maintains an ownership stake) to deploy, support, and develop the product, with the goal of ensuring the long-term stability of Course Match. 

Patricia Pothour

Director of Enrollment Management, Graduate Management Programs at U of I Tippie College


2020 SEM-EP Graduate

Tricia joined the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business in 2019 and is currently serving at the Director of Enrollment Management for Graduate Management Programs. She joined Tippie after 12 years of experience within enrollment management positions at her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. From UW-Platteville she earned bachelor’s degrees in history and Social Sciences, as well as a master’s degree in Organizational Change Leadership. 

Capstone Project: "Test Optional: Recruitment to Graduation" This research study examined what effect test-optional practices had on overall application numbers and on class diversity. The study also examined the impacts on selectivity, class profile, retention, and graduation rates.

brenda_schumann (1)

Brenda Schumann

Deputy University Registrar & Director of Registration and Records at the UT at Austin

2020 SEM-EP Graduate

Brenda Schumann has over nineteen years of experience in higher education and the enrollment management profession.  She currently serves as the Deputy University Registrar and Director of Registration and Records at the University of Texas at Austin and previously served as the Director of Registration and Records (Registrar) and Assistant Director of Admissions at Texas Lutheran University.  Brenda’s professional experience includes all aspects of the enrollment management portfolio -- registrar, admissions, and financial aid – which  allows her to apply her knowledge and skills in support of students and the University community.  Brenda maintains active participation and membership in AACRAO, SACRAO, and TACRAO and presents frequently at various conferences on succession planning, leadership, learning organizations, enrollment management, competency based-hiring and evaluations, strategic planning, and project management. She participated in the AACRAO Baden-Wurttemburg seminar in 2017; is currently serving as an AACRAO content contributor; served on the local arrangements committee for SACRAO 2013 and chair of the SACRAO information technology program committee in 2015-2016; and served as local arrangements committee chair for TACRAO 2016 and TACRAO Secretary 2017-2019. 

Capstone Project: The capstone literature review focused on an outcomes-based approach to achieve results in supporting students for success.  The literature review applies an outcomes based approach to the development and assessment of a Strategic Enrollment Management unit within an institution, in developing programming and support to assist in student persistence, and in developing an outcomes based approach for the changing role of the Registrar in the support of new teaching models, student mobility, learning outcomes, and academic credit and calendars.

Joseph Mews Headshot

Dr Joseph Mews

Assistant Dean Enrollment Management at University of South Carolina - Palmetto College


2020 SEM-EP Graduate

Dr. Mews serves as Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management for the University of South Carolina - Palmetto College. In his role, Mews provides strategic direction and oversight of new and continuing enrollment and student services, including marketing, recruitment, admissions, financial aid, student success, career services, and data analytics. His professional and research interests include organizational behavior, leadership, change management, strategic assessment and planning, and adult learning. 

Capstone Project: "Selecting Student Success Models" detailed various criteria that should be considered when assessing or planning for a student-centered success model. The research provides insight on varying student needs—specifically highlighting differences between two- and four-year campuses, and modality of course instruction and attendance.

Cindy Donohue

Registrar, Emily Griffith Technical College


2020 SEM-EP Graduate

Cindy Donohue has worked in higher education since 2011, and has served as the Registrar for Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) since 2015. Cindy manages the Registration department and oversees Student Records, schedule development, the Catalog, and FERPA compliance. Her experience includes leadership, organizational effectiveness, collaborative decision making and process implementation. She has headed multiple initiatives that led to improved departmental efficiency with cross functioning teams. 

Capstone Project: Beyond Drop for Non-Payment - Evaluating the Impact of Timely Outreach on Re-registration examined the results of providing outreach to EGTC students who were dropped for non-payment and not re-registered after 30 days. In addition to the students who were contacted, a control list was created of 100 students during the same time period who had not been contacted. Though the impact of outreach on total enrollment was negligible, presentation of the findings in this report led to several collaborative discussions and initiatives that offered increased support at the admissions stage for all of our Career Technical Education students.

Katherine Ruger

Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Life, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

For over a decade, Dr. Ruger has led data-informed recruitment, admissions and student program initiatives for Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM) where she serves as the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Life. During her tenure at MSUCOM, she has led multiple initiatives to improve departmental efficiency, increase the enrollment of mission-fit candidates, and enhance the overall applicant and student experience. 

Capstone Project: In the spaces of higher education leaders are increasingly working to align institutional mission, vision and values by shifting strategy as a result of the evaluation of market needs and expectations. Many publications and references to strategic enrollment management (SEM) practices focus on both undergraduate and graduate programs and institutions. A gap exists in SEM within professional schools—such as medical colleges—many of which may be stand-alone institutions or function independently within a larger college or university structure. Hence, SEM may not be as prevalent in the medical college industry. Just like other undergraduate and graduate school enrollment, medical college enrollment is affected by changing student populations, diversity challenges, increased competition, and one’s perception of return-on-investment when alternative career options are available. This study provides a summary of how some medical colleges are responding to these challenges using SEM principles.


Laurie Harow

Assistant Dean for Enrollment & Academic Planning at University of Baltimore,School of Law


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Diverse higher education experience in academic and enrollment management at state public institutions. Areas of expertise include records and registration, strategic planning, data analysis, and business process design. Laurie holds a Juris Doctor, M.S. in Sport Management and B.A. in Communication.

Capstone Project: This capstone literature review analyzes the research surrounding the impact of organizational culture on SEM development, implementation and maintenance.

Angela M. Hamilton

Director of Enrollment Services and Registrar at Community College of Beaver County


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Angela M. Hamilton has 12 Years of Higher Education Experience in Admissions, Registrar, and Enrollment Management functions at a Community College exceeding 4,000 annual enrollments, offering 60 Associate’s Degrees. She has expertise in Records, Registration, Process Improvements and Leadership. Ms. Hamilton holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor’s Degree from Robert Morris University, and Associate’s Degree from the Community College of Beaver County.

Capstone Project - "2019-2024 Strategic Enrollment Management Plan"


Cié Gee

Associate Vice Provost at The University of Texas at San Antonio


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Cié has held various positions in Enrollment Management currently serving as the Associate Vice Provost for Career-Engaged Learning and a clinical faculty member at the University of Texas San Antonio.  Outside UTSA, she is active in TACRAO, SACRAO, and AACRAO and served as the President of SACRAO in 2019. Cié is an award winning presenter and frequent contributor to various higher education publications. She holds a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Capstone Project - This Capstone takes a case study approach to suggest a SEM project management system for organizing and maintaining SEM implementations and maintenance.  Through the practical application of SEM concepts to an active SEM implementation plan occurring at my institution, I offer a model of a project management methodology.  First, an institutional profile along with a detailed explanation of my institutional SEM journey is discussed.  Second, Scrum project management methodology is introduced, which was the inspiration for the proposed SEM project management tool. Third, a discussion of how this project management tool has been piloted at my institution, along with suggestions for future adaptation is provided.

Read about Cié's Capstone Project in the January 2020 issue of SEM Quarterly


Jonathan S. Clayden

Director, Graduate & Professional Ed Programs & Services, Tseng College: CSU Northridge


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Jonathan Clayden is the Director of Graduate and Professional Education Programs and Services at Tseng College, California State University, Northridge. With a focus on long-term enrollment management goals, he has responsibility for the ongoing excellence and distinction of graduate and professional education programs in the College of Extended Learning. Prior academically related posts include Director of Post-Graduate and Professional Studies at Emerson College, Los Angeles, and Chair of the Higher Education Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

In the private sector, Jonathan held a 15-year tenure as president of PSI Records (an entertainment-focused label with clients including NBC-Universal, Disney, Fox, MGM, DreamWorks SKG, CBS, FX, Sony, and Activision), and is currently a consultant, helping organizations to facilitate best process, program impact, strengthened human capital, and robust fiscal outcomes. His consultancy expertise includes change management, process streamlining, on-boarding, and mapping out the metrics needed to best facilitate actionable data and data-informed decision making.

Academically, Jonathan holds a MA (Hons) in Work-Based Learning, from Middlesex University, London. He is an active member of various higher education associations (NAGAP, UPCEA, UEDA, etc.), and his latest scholarly article will be published in Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly this July.

Capstone Project - "Public-Private Partnership Case Study," a case study of the impact of a limited-scope public private partnership on various aspects of the enrollment management funnel for a target set of academic programs at the graduate level in a college of extended learning at a large public university. This project was adapted for publication in AACRAO's SEM Quarterly Journal - read it here

Teresa Borrenpohl

Enrollment Services Center Manager, North Idaho College


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Teresa Borrenpohl is currently serving as the founding Enrollment Services Center Manager leading a team responsible for the face-to-face, email, and phone service to students for the Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Finance offices. In addition, Borrenpohl serves on the Strategic Enrollment Management Steering Committee, and the chair of the SEM-Recruitment Committee. Borrenpohl is President-Elect of the Idaho AACRAO chapter, IACRAO.  

Capstone Project - "NIC Connect: Purposeful High School Recruitment Gets Results" piloted a study of five purposeful high school visit engagements including 1. Applying to NIC; 2. Learning about the senior year expectations of the enrollment process; 3. Applying for scholarships and Financial Aid; 4. Completing academic assessments, and; 5. Registering for courses. This program resulted in a 25% increase in service area seniors matriculating to North Idaho College over the previous academic year. Success of this program was attributed to meeting students where they are in the high school classroom and where they are in the enrollment process.

Jeff Trapp

Jeffery Trapp

Associate Director, Recruitment and Admissions at Rotman Commerce University of Toronto


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Jeff Trapp is the Associate Director, Recruitment and Admissions with Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto (UofT). He previously held positions with UofT at the International Student Centre, Faculty of Arts and Science and Rotman School of Management. Prior to UofT, he worked in Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Manitoba. He holds degrees from UofT (MEd '98) and Brandon University (BEd '91).

Capstone Project - The Rotman Commerce Undergraduate Recruitment Plan provides a road map for yearly student recruitment activities. Overall Rotman Commerce staffing has grown significantly over the past two years (largely in Academic Services and Career Services) to better service the student population and it has become more important than ever to communicate strategic goals of individual work units for the Managing Director to ensure strategic alignment. The Rotman Commerce Mission "seeks to inspire and empower our students and alumni to become innovated leaders and engaged citizens who contribute to the success of organizations and the betterment of communities in Canada and around the world." The Recruitment portfolio is the first step to achieve this mission and flows into the work of other key units including Admissions, Academic Services, Student Life, Career Services, and Alumni Relations.

Brad Personal Photo

Brad William Hales

Data Management and Planning Officer, BYU Pathway, Worldwide


2019 SEM-EP Graduate

Brad Hales has worked with enrollment management for the last seven years. He has worked with BYU-Idaho and BYU-Pathway Worldwide in their Strategic Enrollment and Data Management areas. Brad really enjoys thinking about innovation and strategy in educational settings. He believes that through social entrepreneurship much can be done in the higher education setting to help others succeed in life.

Capstone Project - The Strategic Enrollment Management literature review comprised of looking at retention, advising online students, and the effects of the “Great Recession” on college enrollments. All of this research focused on how to help students obtain a college education while dealing with the challenges of life.


Nick Heisserer

Director of Admissions & Registration, Central Lakes College


2018 SEM-EP Graduate

Nick currently serves as the Director of Admissions & Registration at Central Lakes College (CLC). Prior to joining CLC, Nick served as a high school teacher and coach. Nick has held numerous positions at CLC as the Assistant Director of TRIO/Upward Bound, a Faculty Instructor for the Business and Computer Technology Departments, and Registrar. Nick earned a Master of Arts from the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, MN and a Bachelor of Science from Bemidji State University in MN. He is currently pursuing an Accounting Certificate from Northwest Technical College in Bemidji, MN.

Capstone Project - A Strategic Enrollment Management Proposal for a Community College: How to Plug Enrollment Leaks"