April Cozine

Associate Director of Admissions, Wichita State University

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate

It is an honor and privilege to be considered for a position on the AACRAO Nominations and Elections Committee. 

I’ve worked in higher education for the past 16 years, and I’m passionate about access to education, working towards streamlining processing procedures, implementing new technologies, striving to improve student services, and strengthening our profession for the future.  During my tenure, I’ve served as a financial aid coordinator at Missouri Western State University, and as Assistant Director of Financial Aid, and currently as Director of Admission Operations at Wichita State University, a mid-sized public university in Kansas.

I’ve served in various roles within KACRAO, including conference chair, Apply Kansas founder and coordinator, and most currently as President.  I have a heart to serve, and a desire to extend my service beyond my state, and look forward to the opportunity of engaging further with our AACRAO membership to help ensure that we continue to look ahead at a wide array of diverse leaders, interests, and association activities that serves all of our community well. 

This community has given so much to me, and I want to give back to our profession and encourage others to be involved!  I would like to continue work to build out technology needs within the industry, professional credentialing for CRM management, networking, and engaging and encouraging our young professionals within our profession to be involved.  I’ve personally grown the most when I’ve taken on more and stretched beyond my comfort zone and want to help others do the same.

Edward Trombley

Registrar Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate

If elected to the Committee, I would enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the organization in a meaningful way that helps to shape its future through candidate selection.  I have worked as a manager in multiple university settings, selecting and training candidates for a wide variety of roles, and I would like to share that experience with colleagues to benefit my professional organization, AACRAO.   

I am in my twelfth year as Registrar at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide, in Daytona Beach, Florida, and have previously served as Senior Operations Manager, Registrar’s Office, at Walden University; Registrar at DeVry University in the Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. metro regions; and Dean of Administration at Bryant & Stratton College in central New York.  I also currently serve as President for the Florida Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (FACRAO), and the Vice President for Topics in Higher Education, with the Southern Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (SACRAO). 

I have presented sessions with expert colleagues at numerous state, regional and national conferences on topics including support of military and veteran students, working with non-traditional students, and collaboration between admissions officers and registrars.  I have served as a contributing author to AACRAO publications including The Transfer Handbook: Promoting Student Success (2015), AACRAO Guide to Graduation Ceremonies (2017), AACRAO’s Professional Development Guidelines for Registrars: A Self-Assessment (2018), AACRAO’s Student Records Management: Retention, Disposal, and Archive of Student Records (2019), and The Academic Record and Transcript Guide (2020).  In addition, I have also contributed to publications including The Chronicle of Higher Education Headcount Blog, AACRAO’s College and University journal, AACRAO Connect “Field Notes,” and The SACRAO Journal.  I hold both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the State University of New York at Oswego. 

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

Erin Lockett

Senior Director for Enrollment Management and Associate Registrar, Virginia Tech

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate

I am writing to express my interest in the Nominations and Elections Committee position with AACRAO. I believe I have the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for this committee. I have worked in Higher Education for sixteen years.  I began my career working on the front-line, processing applications for admission, and maintaining student records. I am now the Registrar at CalArts, where I focus on student degree progress and completion, and the interpretation and application of institute policies and procedures. I have gained the ability to think strategically when faced with any given scenario, have a desire to learn and continuously improve, the capacity to stimulate personal and group excellence, and the capability to work with and lead a team. My commitment to the advancement of my profession is proven by my participation in AACRAO's Black Caucus and Women's Caucus, and PACRAO's Leadership Development Institute.  I offer my unique skill set, knowledge, passion, and drive to further the mission of AACRAO by serving on the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Johnika Dreher

Program Director, Prince George's Community College

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate

Hello AACRAO Colleagues: 

I have accepted the nomination to participate in the Nominations and Elections Committee because I believe that the engaged membership of AACRAO is one of the greatest assets to the association. My goal is to collaborate with my fellow committee members to ensure that these committee advocates for a fair election of qualified individuals are important to me. I am honored to be nominated for this distinguished voluntary role.

Megan Mitchell

Director of Graduate Admissions, Austin Peay State University

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate

Over my professional career, I have always been very active in professional development and an advocate for what it can do for people personally and professionally.  I have no doubt that it is the connections to colleagues and experiences I have had from professional development opportunities that have made me the person I am today.  I started, even back as an admissions counselor, serving on the state (TnACRAO) calendar committee and have continued to pour my time into the state and regional (SACRAO) level organizations in various roles.  I recently joined the Public Policy Advisory Group for AACRAO as a way to begin to serve the national organization and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be considered to serve on the Nominations & Elections Committee as I want to become more involved with AACRAO. 

As someone who has served in a wide variety of roles at various levels, I understand the importance of a wide range of experience when looking to develop a strong slate for AACRAO and what an important task this would be.  It is through these experiences that I think I would be able to accomplish my goal of serving the Nominations & Elections Committee well by helping to develop a slate that would, in turn, serve the AACRAO organization well and provide the membership with a diverse and experienced ballot for selection of their next Board of Directors.  If selected for this role, I would utilize my previous experience mentioned earlier to accomplish this goal and serve AACRAO and the Nominations and Elections Committee to the best of my ability.

Molly McDermott Fallon

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate


I am humbled and excited to be nominated for a position on the Nominations and Elections Committee.  I understand the importance of the Nominations and Elections Committee to select a slate that represents the diversity of the AACRAO membership.   It would be an honor to represent my colleagues on the committee. 

We are living through history and watching the face of higher education continue to change. It is important for the Nominations and Elections committee to select a slate of leaders to meet and adjust to the current changes and demands of the membership. We are in a time of change and AACRAO leadership must be up to the challenge.   

I began my career as a student worker and never left. I have been in the Registrar’s Office since 2012 have been active with OhioACRAO ever since. I am currently President of OhioACRAO holding multiples positions in the organization.  If nominated to N&E I will be up to the challenge of selecting a slate that will lead AACRAO into what lies ahead.

Sam Fugazzotto

Registrar, University of Nevada - Las Vegas

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate

I have spent most of my career in higher education, and I have been a regular AACRAO member for 15 years, serving most recently as program coordinator for Group IV, Leadership and Management Development. Through AACRAO, I have developed my own nationwide network of contacts, colleagues, and mentors from whom I have learned so much. Serving on AACRAO committees has certainly helped me to learn as well, but it also represents my way of paying it forward to other AACRAO members. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving AACRAO and its members on the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Wendolyn Davis

Director of Transfer Center, University of Tennessee

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate

The roles that I have held in a state association, Michigan AACRAO, allowed me to apply transferable talents and skills while offering opportunities to connect with higher education professionals who are in similar fields, do similar types of work, and have the same passion for the work we do. Over many years in MACRAO I served on the leadership track as President-Elect, President, and Past President, which included chairing the Nominations Committee. Additionally, I chaired the Equity in Education Committee and the Conference Planning Committee.

When I was searching for the next leg of my career journey I intentionally looked for positions where I would lead initiatives to serve transfer students and where I could maintain my participation in AACRAO. The association has provided so many avenues to grow professionally and personally. I want to give back at the national level within AACRAO. I am a member of the Transfer and Articulation Committee and the Black Caucus. I have had the opportunity to write for AACRAO Connect and present a session at an annual conference. I want to do more.

Part of my strengths profile includes the ability to connect with people, build groups, and link resources. One of my colleagues refers to me as “the plug” because of that skill set. All of the reasons above are why I am running for a position on the Nominations and Elections Committee.

If I am elected, as a member of the committee, I will actively recruit nominations for the Board of Directors in addition to the Nominations and Elections ballot, present a slate of officers to the membership for Board of Directors vacancies, and conduct an election for the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Thank you!

Connie Shipman Newsome

2021 AACRAO Elections - Vice President of Finance Candidate

I am incredibly and sincerely honored to be nominated for the Vice President At Large position.  For years, I worked with an institution wherein I was only able to participate with AACRAO infrequently and attend the annual conference rarely.  When I interviewed for my current position, which began in June of 2014, I asked whether the administration supported professional development, and thankfully they did; they’ve been true to their word.  Why did I ask?...because I knew I wanted to be committed to AACRAO as a premier professional development organization for me.  Between AACRAO and NNLSO (the National Network of Law School Officers), I feel fulfilled in professional development needs.  With that said, I accepted the nomination for this position because continual involvement with and commitment to AACRAO is a secure path for steady growth.  After successfully serving as the Vice-Chair Elect and then Vice-Chair for the Nominations and Elections Committee, I see both the honor and challenge of the servant leadership role with an organization as broad-reaching as AACRAO.  If elected, some goals I would endeavor to accomplish include working with the various caucuses and special interest groups to have a broader reach, explore ways to impact the communities wherein we conference annually, and assist with strategic planning such that the changes we put in place present a space for long term success.  At the end of my time as VP at Large, I hope to have used my strengths and skills to move the organization forward and connect on a deeper level with member schools and individuals, such that my service becomes a win-win from both a personal and organizational perspective.  I want the next phase of my life and professional development to be one of impact.  I do indeed appreciate your consideration.  Thank you. 

Ari Kaufman

Assistant Director of Project Management and Data Compliance, Berklee College of Music

2021 AACRAO Elections - President-Elect Candidate

Thank you for nominating me to serve as AACRAO’s Vice President of Finance.

As an enthusiastic member of AACRAO for over a decade, I am deeply committed to AACRAO’s mission.  I am fascinated to see what challenges and opportunities await us over the upcoming years.  

My involvement with AACRAO has included serving for 3 years as the Group VII Coordinator on the Program Committee and as Chair of two different PACs.  I have collaborated to put together meaningful workshops and sessions for our attendees. 

I recently served as Member-at-Large on the AACRAO Board’s Finance, Investment, and Audit Committee. In this role, I became familiar with the details of AACRAO’s audited financial statements and investment strategy.  We completed a successful RFP process to select AACRAO’s new investment manager. Managing the RFP process is one of the more crucial responsibilities of the position.

As Treasurer of New England ACRAO (NEACRAO), I engaged a public accounting firm to perform agreed-upon procedures to help strengthen our internal controls.  While not a full audit, it was an affordable alternative for a regional association with limited resources.  As VP of Finance, I aim to reach out to the treasurers of our state and regional associations to create an online repository of best practices.  I also hope to foster open dialogue for this group, perhaps through periodic Zoom calls.

Prior to my registrar career at Berklee College of Music, I worked for some time as a CPA, mostly in the audit function.  In graduate school, when I had the opportunity to teach an undergraduate section of Introduction to Financial Accounting, my passion for working with students and helping them succeed became cemented!

My goal as VP of Finance is to help strengthen AACRAO’s financial position so that AACRAO can continue to be an important leader in higher education.  Additionally, I hope to engage and educate our membership on the various financial matters we face as an organization.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Jackie Carter

Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Washington University

2021 AACRAO Elections - President-Elect Candidate

My name is Jacqueline Carter, I have had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors as Vice President at Large, chair several committees, participate in the congressional hill day, group V Program Committee Chair for 2021 Annual Meeting, and presented at many annual meetings.  Serving in these capacities allowed me to work alongside and learn from the best within our own organization.

 I have over two decades of serving in higher education experience in Registrar, Student Affairs, Advising, Student Development Advocate, Coaching and Diversity, and Inclusion and Admission.  In my collaboration with the Admission team, we saw the highest increase of graduate students of color at that time.  I am humbled to have been nominated for the President-Elect role for AACRAO.  As an inclusion change agent,  I look for opportunities to address and remove barriers to flourishing such as the following: 

·     Lead the change for the scheduling of caucus meetings at annual meetings

·     Assist in the implementation of joint caucus for greater awareness and understanding. 

·     Co-led Student Identity workgroup to developed meaningful guidance for our students impacted by gender-markers.

·     Instrumental in crafting the diversity and inclusion definition for the organization to take a stance on social justice. 

·     Assist with creating the purpose and description of the Ombudsman role.

AACRAO is a member-driven organization and a leading voice in higher education nationally and globally.  I am eager to work with the Board and my fellow members on the strategic goal to continually advance our organization to be a strong leader in this profession and address policies to advance our profession and students.  In addition,  I welcome the opportunity to advocate for the right of equitable education for all regardless of social identity, economics, geographic, small or large institution, public or private institution is a fundamental civil right.  The COVID-19 pandemic made the light more striking this is a priority.  As a first-generation student, I know education is the pathway to economic success and internal fulfillment.  I embrace collaborating with the members in leading this effort for equitable education for all learners.  I am ready to fulfill this charge.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

Ken Sharp, Ph.D.

AACRAO consultant

Sasha Suzuki

Associate University Registrar

2021 AACRAO Elections - Nominations and Elections Candidate

 I truly appreciate the opportunity to be considered for the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Member engagement has been a strong interest of mine since I joined AACRAO as a member in 2015. I have cherished the opportunity to network with AACRAO leadership, AACRAO staff, and colleagues from across the country- and the world!  I currently serve as vice-chair of the Member Engagement Committee.  It was the encouragement, guidance, and support of leaders in AACRAO that helped me gain the confidence to engage, get involved, and contribute to our organization.  Creating a sense of community and belonging in such a large organization can be challenging, but it is essential.

My interest in the Nominations and Elections Committee is two-fold and aligns directly with my passion for creating deep, meaningful engagement opportunities for all members.

  1. I believe that it is important to have a diverse and inclusive slate of candidates that is representative and reflective of our AACRAO membership and the various institutions and organizations that we serve.  Leaders in AACRAO must have a keen sense of awareness of the interests of the overall membership, a deep understanding of needs, and appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that face both our members and our organization.

  2. We need more of our members to be engaged and vested in the voting/election process.  I believe the Nominations and Elections Committee can play an important role in helping to increase overall participation.

A strong connection between the leadership and the membership will only continue to strengthen AACRAO, and I would like to be a part of the Nominations and Elections Committee to help ensure that we have greater member engagement in this critical process and to ensure we have leaders who will continue to inspire and work to create a strong sense of community and belonging for all.  

Sasha currently serves as the Associate University Registrar at Wake Forest University.  Her prior experiences in higher education also include working with student-athletes, academic advising, and orientation.  She has a BA in Political Science and MA in Human Services from Wake Forest University.  

Sasha has been a member of AACRAO since attending her first Annual Meeting in Baltimore in 2015.  She is the vice-chair of the Member Engagement Committee (formerly Mentor Services) and is a member of the Registration and Academic Support Committee, Women’s Caucus, Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus, and most recently served on the Transfer Student Success Workgroup.

Emily D. Campion, PhD

Consultant, Campion Services, Inc|Assistant Professor, Management, Old Dominion

Emily D. Campion, PhD is a consultant with Campion Services, Inc and an Assistant Professor of Management at Old Dominion University.

Dale Gough

Dale Gough

For more than 40 years involved in the evaluation of foreign educational credentials and the admission of international students to U.S. colleges and universities. Trained several hundred institutional staff in international admissions. Presented sessions to numerous educational associations on good practices in international student recruitment and admission.

Jill Desjean

Jill Desjean

Policy Analyst with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

Jill Desjean is a Policy Analyst with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. In her role, Jill works with NASFAA’s members to develop policy recommendations, provides feedback to Congress on legislative proposals, and interprets financial aid-related policy issues for NASFAA’s members and other audiences. Prior to joining NASFAA, Jill enjoyed a 20-year career in financial aid administration, having held roles in the financial aid offices at Tufts University School of Medicine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brandeis University and the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts as well as The New School in New York City. Jill joined NASFAA in 2016 and lives in Maryland with her husband and three children.

Patrick Tanner

Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services at College of Western Idaho

Patrick Tanner serves as the Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services at the College of Western Idaho. Patrick began his work in residence life and housing at the University of Denver and then at Roger Williams University (RI). Patrick also served in an administrative role at Penn State’s York campus before moving to Idaho to continue his service at a community college (College of Western Idaho), and his learning at Idaho State University.

In 2021, Patrick earned the Strategic Enrollment Management Endorsement from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO).

Caroline Dean Glover

Student Engagement & Events Manager at Campus Greensboro

Caroline Dean Glover is a Student Engagement & Events Manager at Campus Greensboro, where she has served since 2019. Her work focuses on creating strong campus-community partnerships through paid summer internships, community mentor programs, and civic engagement opportunities for college students living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her research and publications focus on student resilience, expanding academic records, and campus-community partnerships. Caroline graduated with her Master of Arts in Higher Education from Elon University in May 2020.

Comprehensive Learner Records: The Student Voice

Amber Lin

Elon University graduate and Product Strategy Associate at Cohen & Steers Inc

Amber Lin was an undergraduate student at Elon University, graduating with a degree in Finance in May 2020. She is now a Product Strategy Associate at Cohen & Steers Inc.

Comprehensive Learner Records: The Student Voice

Bailee Castillo

Elon University graduate and Sales Development Associate for Masterworks

Bailee Castillo was an undergraduate student at Elon University, graduating with degrees in Finance and Economics in May 2020. She currently works at StoneX as a Mortgage Backed Securities Operations Associate.

Comprehensive Learner Records: The Student Voice


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