Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is awarded in recognition of a member's active involvement and contribution to AACRAO by the Board of Directors. Honorary members no longer employed full-time shall be entitled to benefits from the association, such as free meeting registration and waiver of dues. Should an Honorary Member gain full-time employment and thereby become eligible for institutional or corporate AACRAO membership, the benefits of Honorary Membership will be suspended until the individual is no longer eligible.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    Honorary membership will be considered for AACRAO members who have retired from their institution or are attending their last AACRAO Annual Meeting before retirement, and who have accumulated a minimum of 100 points based on significant participation and service to AACRAO according to the following point system. Points for award recipients are applied where relevant. Other significant contributions can be included at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Recipients are selected by the Board of Directors.

  • Point System

    2 points per service year

    • Session Presenter/Co-Presenter (max 20 points)
    • Workshop Presenter/Co-Presenter (max 10 points)
    • Webinar Presenter/Co-Presenter (max 10 points)

    5 points per service year

    • AACRAO Professional Activities Committee member (max 15 points)
    • Annual Meeting Co-Chair of Volunteers
    • Board approved assignment (short-term)
    • IESC Fellow
    • Task Force, Work Group, sub-committee member

    10 points per service year

    • AACRAO Professional Activities Committee Chair (max 20 points)
    • Author of a country profile or other significant content for AACRAO EDGE
    • Author/co-author of an article or chapter in an AACRAO Publication
    • Author/co-author of significant content for AACRAO website such as a white paper
    • Inter-Association Representative - Represented AACRAO in other associations of mutual interest to AACRAO in various capacities as requested by the National Office and/or AACRAO Executive Director (max 30 points)
    • Member of an AACRAO journal Editorial Board, such as C&U or SEMQ (max 30 points)
    • Member of an AACRAO standing committee or council, such as IESC or N&E (max 20 points)
    • Program Committee member (max 30 points)
    • Serving as an AACRAO Content Coordinator (max 30 points)

    15 points per service year

    • Editor/co-editor or author/co-author of an AACRAO publication (15 points per contribution)
    • LAC chair or co-chair (historical positions)
    • Lead on Board approved assignment (max of 30 points)
    • Nominations and Elections (N&E) chair or vice chair (max 30 points)
    • Program Committee chair or vice chair (max 30 points)
    • Serve as AACRAO Parliamentarian
    • Task force or workgroup, sub-committee chair, co-chair, or vice chair (max 30 points)

    20 points per service year

    • Board of Directors (max 60 points)
    • Director of an AACRAO Conference, such as SEM and Tech & Transfer (max 60 points)
    • Editor of College and University or SEMQ

Acknowledge Retiring Professionals

Know someone who is retiring from an AACRAO profession? Email awards@aacrao.org with the name of your retiring colleague and the following information:

  • Title
  • Institution
  • Address
  • Number of years in the profession

AACRAO recognizes retiring members on the screen at the Annual Meeting and sends a certificate in the mail.

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