AACRAO Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus

Mission Statement

AACRAO's Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus strives to provide a communal space for members who are ready to discuss issues, developments and initiatives for individuals of Asian and Pacific Islander descent in higher education.

With goals to educate other members about the history, contributions and concerns of Asian American and Pacific Islanders, this caucus is open to all members.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus Chair


Jessica Gonzalez

Jessica Gonzalez, Assistant Registrar | Elmhurst University



Vice Chair

natalie chin headshot

Natalie Chin, Curriculum Management Functional Administrator | University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


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Updates & Events

AACRAO's AAPI Caucus issues statement of solidarity with the Black Caucus in light of Derek Chauvin's verdict

"The AACRAO AAPI Caucus is relieved by the verdict of officer Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. George Floyd’s life mattered. It is our hope that the verdict is a step towards true justice and exposes the very real imbalance of how people of color are treated in this country. However, the work is not done, as evidenced by the tragic news of Ma’Khia Bryant’s young life taken away moments before the verdict was read. We will continue to stand with those who press on to seek justice and racial reconciliation in this country."

3/29/2021 Tricia Ryan, Chair of the AAPI Caucus, and Mike Reilly, Executive Director, AACRAO, address #AACRAO2021 attendees.

API Statement_AM2021



Your professional development news
Photograph of the interior of the U.S. Supreme Court

Revisiting the Supreme Court Race-Conscious Admission Decision

Aug 4, 2023

Steps are needed to ensure equitable policy in the future.

Two professionals working in STEM.

Field Notes - DEIB in STEM: Breaking Down the Barriers

Jul 21, 2023

Assessing and overcoming challenges in DEIB through careful planning and strategy.

Photograph of the U.S. Supreme Court

What Comes Next? Understanding the Implications of Race-Conscious Admission Decision

Jul 10, 2023

Planning and leading the way forward while ensuring equitable access to education.

Group of conference attendees welcoming each other.

Affirming Hospitality

Jul 10, 2023

The importance of engaging with peers and your membership and creating an inclusive AACRAO community.

Group of international professionals sitting around a table.

Working Towards Global Education Inclusivity

Jun 27, 2023

Learn about the ENIC-NARIC Joint Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden and the work being done to improve access to education globally.

AACRAO Research

Program Completion Time Limits - September 60-Second Survey 2018

Program completion time limits was the topic of this month’s AACRAO 60-Second Survey (Appendix A).

Curriculum and Project Management
Registration & Records

Alternative Credentials: Beyond the Diploma and Transcript - July 60-Second Survey 2018

AACRAO members were asked about the existence of, or institutional interest in, alternative credentials.

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Registrar Career Profile - 2018

This is the second AACRAO registrar career profile report. The first was completed in 2015 and was limited to U.S. institutions; this iteration was not.

Career Profiles

Admission and Verification of Undocumented Students in the U.S.

The primary goal of this survey was to better understand the processes related to undocumented students that are used by U.S. postsecondary education institutions.


Transcript Cost, Type, and Volume - 60-Second Survey May 2018

AACRAO members were asked about the type, volume and cost of official transcripts at their institution in this month’s 60-Second survey.

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