Announcing New Community and Content Facilitators

November 10, 2023
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AACRAO is pleased to announce two new Community and Content Facilitators (CCF): David Paltza, Registrar at Randolph-Macon College, and Dr. Jill Megredy, Registrar at Franklin Pierce University. David Paltza will focus on mentorship and Dr. Jill Megredy will focus on the veterans and service members interest group. They are joining the existing group of CCFs: Hala Abou Arraj, Leah McCormack, Brenda Schumann, and Becky Tankersley.

This group of leaders impacts how AACRAO identifies and delivers content and professional development to amplify AACRAO’s mission, vision, values, and goals. The CCFs will meet with Paige Selman Boucher, the Community and Volunteer Manager (CVM), once per month. During these meetings, they share information members post in the AACRAO Exchange, share ideas about the AACRAO Exchange, give feedback about Collectives, and connect with one another.

The CCF role was recently revised in June to create a stronger connection to the interests of AACRAO members outside of the annual meeting. This role primarily works with the AACRAO Community and Volunteer Manager (CVM), Paige Selman Boucher, to identify topics, presenters, and engagement opportunities outside of AACRAO’s in-person events and to also actively participate in the moderation, engagement measurement, and share feedback from across the various membership interest groups. There are six CCFs, and they are crucial to AACRAO’s strategy to ensure members can get involved year-round and that AACRAO is providing the resources and information that members need.

The CCFs are actively involved in the AACRAO Exchange discussions and resources. They contribute content such as asking discussion-provoking questions, responding to questions posed by peers, posting insightful articles relevant to the AACRAO community, acknowledging and celebrating member achievements, frameworks, and more. They also share updates from the AACRAO staff with the AACRAO membership. 

Along with responsibilities in AACRAO Exchange, the CCFs take turns selecting topics for the AACRAO Collective. They can either facilitate the session or reach out to a facilitator with more expertise in the area of discussion that month. These sessions will typically occur on the fourth Thursday of the month, excluding August and September. The topics are typically posted at least one month in advance. If you are interested in registering, please fill out the registration form

Again, please welcome David Paltza and Dr. Jill Megredy to the AACRAO Community.


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