Dr. Hala M. Abou Arraj

Photograph of Hala Abou Arraj

University Registrar at Idaho State University

AACRAO Elections Position Statement (Vice President for International Education)

I have 27 years of experience working in an international higher education institution. I have a book chapter entitled The AACRAO International Guide: A Resource for International Education Professionals. Articulation Agreements at the American University of Beirut (pp.301-309). Library of Congress ISBN: 9781578581139. Moreover, I lead many consultancy projects in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. I co-presented a webinar on Education in Crisis: The case of Afghanistan. I am currently a member on the taskforce on the CAS transfer guide where revisions to the Transfer Student Services Standards are being reevaluated. I believe that I can contribute to the fields taking into consideration the experience that I have.

Some of the goals that I will be working on:

Enhancing Global Engagement: Foster and strengthen partnerships with international higher education institutions, organizations, and stakeholders to promote global collaboration, cultural exchange, and academic mobility.

Promoting Best Practices: Lead efforts to identify, develop, and disseminate best practices in international education, including student recruitment and admissions, academic credential evaluation, credit transfer, and student support services.

Professional Development: Provide professional development opportunities and resources including workshops, conferences, webinars, and publications, to enhance knowledge and skills in the field.

Research and Data Analysis: Encourage and support research initiatives and data analysis in the field of international education, contributing to evidence-based decision making and informing policy discussions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in international education, ensuring access and equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups, and promoting inclusive practices within institutions and programs.

Crisis Management and Support: Develop strategies and resources to address crises and challenges in international education, such as natural disasters, political unrest, or pandemics, providing support and guidance to institutions and students affected by such events.

Collaboration and Networking: Facilitate collaboration among AACRAO members, international education professionals, and relevant stakeholders, fostering a vibrant community for sharing ideas, experiences, and resources.