Programmatic Liaisons

Serving as a programmatic liaison is another way to get involved with AACRAO. These vital member leaders help support AACRAO's mission and strategic plan. They work closely with AACRAO Staff to plan, coordinate, and execute projects and initiatives that are key to AACRAO’s success and ability to support other members. Serving as a programmatic liaison represents a unique opportunity, in that each role has different responsibilities. See the descriptions below for more information on each of our programmatic liaison roles.

ASCEND Coordinator

The AACRAO ASCEND Coordinator handles all administrative responsibilities to include coordinating content and managing the technology for, and in support of, the ASCEND program, under the supervision of the Associate Executive Director, Education and Member Development. This role involves coordinating logistical aspects, offering programmatic support,  and performing data analyses to ensure the success of the ASCEND program. The coordinator also helps with planning and execution of live (virtual) monthly class sessions, orientation events for new cohorts, and attends the SEM Conference, which takes place in the Fall.

Community and Content Facilitators

Community and Content Facilitators (CCF) work with the AACRAO Community and Volunteer Manager (CVM) to not only identify topics, presenters, and engagement opportunities outside of AACRAO’s in-person events (to include but not limited to the AACRAO Collective and the AACRAO Exchange) but to also actively participate in the moderation, engagement measurement, and feedback process. This group of leaders impacts how AACRAO identifies and delivers content and professional development to amplify AACRAO’s mission, vision, values, and goals. Each CCF serves for three years. Applications are posted when an opening occurs and are shared out via email. Please check out the full role description.

Exchange Community Directors

The Community Directors serve as the faces and voices of the AACRAO Exchange. They are key representatives to help encourage engagement in the platform in support of AACRAO's Goals. The Community Directors will provide pre-recorded content and host live, short sessions allowing viewers to engage in real-time conversations exclusively in the AACRAO Exchange. These positions are filled on an as needed basis.

Podcast Hosts

AACRAO podcast hosts are professionals in the field with a wide-variety of experiences. They work to offer a voice to challenges, events, and experts from across the AACRAO community. There are four AACRAO podcastsAdmit It, For the Record, H.E.A.R.D. and Transfer Tea. Each one focuses on a different facet of higher education, including admissions, DEI, registrars and transfer. They work closely with the Associate Director of Content and Curriculum to produce the podcasts.

SEM Conference Director

The SEM Conference Director is responsible for leading the planning, execution, and evaluation of the AACRAO SEM Conference. Prior to the SEM Conference, the director is responsible for coordinating the SEM advisory group, managing session submissions, and working with AACRAO Meetings and Marketing teams to coordinate the logistics, program, and promotion of the conference. They help coordinate the actual conference. Afterwards, they evaluate the overall success of the conference and make recommendations for improvement.

SEM-EP Director & Assistant Director

The AACRAO SEM Endorsement Program (SEM-EP) Director provides vision for this unique enrollment management credential while also handling all administrative responsibilities including admission to the program, coordination and hosting of field visit sites, reviewing assignments, scheduling/hosting monthly zoom calls, offering support to learners, recruiting for the program, administering scholarships and monitoring student progress. The Director also works closely with other AACRAO leaders to ensure quality of the curriculum. 

The AACRAO SEM-EP Assistant Director supports the Director, is a member of the admission committee, reviews assignments, participates in monthly zoom calls, and other tasks as needed by the program and the Director. Both positions are filled on an as needed basis.


Technology & Transfer Co-Leads

The primary responsibility of the Technology and Transfer Virtual Summit Co-Leads is to solicit, select, and schedule sessions for the summit. The summit comprehensively addresses the technological and student transfer needs of professionals in admissions, registrar, enrollment management, and academic services, including those in commercial or educational support organizations. The co-leads help ensure the summit continues to offer insightful sessions with expert speakers delving into critical issues pertinent to higher education professionals, creating an environment for professional development and collaboration. They work closely with the AACRAO Meetings team.

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