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group of people in a green field catch someone with a large blanket

Which transfer student support services are you missing?

Jul 7, 2020

7 ways institutions can court and support this population.

two males fist-bump as they sit next to one another working on camputers

Ally or accomplice? How to support Black Lives Matter

Jun 30, 2020

How can we, a national association of education professionals, use our collective strength to create meaningful change?

cartoon figure reminiscent of Einstein stands in front of a chalkboard with the board "FERPA" written on it

Ask the FERPA Professor

Jun 30, 2020

Video-recording students to prevent cheating: an education record?

cartoon figure stands atop a purple arrow growing out of the ground as if it were a tree and looks out using a green telescope while other figures look up in marvel

3 ways registrars lead during times of change

Jun 29, 2020

With strategic thinking, the office can be a dynamic engine and guiding force on campus.

diverse group of cartoon figures hug one another from the side

5 ways to create radical engagement in online meetings

Jun 29, 2020

Learn to love leading in a virtual space.

diverse group of people smile and celebrate while displaying rainbow pride flags

Pride month: The importance of intersectionality

Jun 29, 2020

There can be no hierarchy within these movements to determine which lives are more valuable.

colorized image of a nebula

Field Notes: Adopting a growth mindset about 2020

Jun 29, 2020

Your self-talk is a conversation with the universe. Make it count.

teacher helps a student who is working on a computer

Make yourself invaluable to high school counselors

Jun 29, 2020

Keys to building relationships, particularly this fall.

In hindsight: Seasoned registrars reflect on 4 things they wish they'd learned earlier

Jun 26, 2020

Getting the fundamentals down.

squiggly lines starting at the left of the image pass through a yellow lightbulb in the middle and then emerge on the right as straight arrows

AACRAO strategic planning update

Jun 26, 2020

The effort is underway to shape AACRAO's future. Talk to your leadership.

pencil and journal book with a yellow depiction of the globe encircled by various figures drawn inside the book

Diary of an International Credential Evaluator

Jun 26, 2020

What is the future of study abroad?

silhouette of a refugee family walking over hilly terrain with the text overlay: "20 June World Refugee Day"

The plight of refugees during a pandemic

Jun 15, 2020

Reflections in recognition of World Refugee Day (June 20).

calendar of the month of September with a cup of tea and some autumn leaves off to the side

Rethinking the fall academic calendar

Jun 15, 2020

With fall in flux, learn how to handle academic and course calendar changes and communication challenges.

simplified outline of a human head with gears on the inside

Holistic admissions expands options during (and after) COVID

Jun 12, 2020

Noncognitive assessments help diversify enrollment and reduce reliance on standardized test scores.

male looks up at a progressing bar that's about 75% full with the word "transformation" above the bar

How does your institution do change?

Jun 12, 2020

5 ways to assess preparedness, and 1 factor that strongly influences change culture.

pencil and journal book with a yellow depiction of the globe encircled by various figures drawn inside the book

Diary of an International Credential Evaluator

Jun 12, 2020

5 steps to crack an unfamiliar education system.

text displaying "Cambridge Assessment International Education" next to their logo

Cambridge International seeks feedback on transcript terminology

Jun 11, 2020

Rethinking assessment in the time of COVID-19.

cork board with a note saying "Thank You!" pinned to the board with a heart sticker

Recognizing the outgoing members of C&U’s editorial board

Jun 10, 2020

“We are grateful for our board members’ contributions to our profession,” says journal Editor-in-Chief Christopher Tremblay.

map of the caucasus region

Connect with the Caucasus

Jun 10, 2020

Education system updates in Azerbaijan and the Republic of Georgia.

businesswomen raises her hand, appearing to answer a question

Executive Director search committee: Call for volunteers

Jun 10, 2020

AACRAO's Board of Directors seeks two members to serve on the search committee.