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New space, new approach to conservation and waste

Oct 1, 2018

AACRAOs move has included a more concerted effort to reduce negative impacts on the environment.


3 tips for building the strongest SEM team possible

Oct 1, 2018

The more people involved in making a decision, the greater the commitment to implementing that decision.


Ask the FERPA Professor

Sep 18, 2018

What if a student serves on an academic probation committee?


How scholarship management can reduce reliance on institutional funding

Sep 18, 2018

The University of Arizona’s high-impact, low-cost solution awards several million dollars in scholarships each year.


Moving on up

Sep 18, 2018

After 48 years on Dupont Circle, AACRAO has moved into a new space.


Academic factors students consider when transferring

Sep 18, 2018

Highlight your school’s strengths in recruitment and marketing materials aimed at transfer students.


Change the Student Search paradigm

Sep 14, 2018

A more strategic search process can affect the entire recruitment funnel -- and beyond.


‘Trojan horse’ SEM

Sep 14, 2018

Coordinate a coherent student success model in the absence of a formal enrollment management plan.


Should your communications plan include a blog?

Sep 14, 2018

5 questions to consider before you hit 'publish.'


Ask the FERPA Professor

Sep 4, 2018

A question about texting between instructors and students.


University of Oregon offers first-in-nation virtual campus experience

Sep 3, 2018

Going beyond the linear-style online tour.


Student services professionals change lives

Sep 3, 2018

Administrative advocates made all the difference for this dropout-turned-lawyer. More institutions should focus on helping returning students, he says.

REG101 1

How to "registrar" right

Sep 2, 2018

AACRAO On The Road's rogue REG101 cohort makes up their own verbs.


Family, faith, and career: Where and why more rural students are matriculating

Sep 2, 2018

Understanding the common values of those who leave their communities to pursue postsecondary degrees can lead to more effective outreach in rural areas.


Call for AACRAO Research Grant applications extended

Sep 2, 2018

This grant encourages applied research on enrollment management issues. Deadline extended to September 28, 2018.


Field Notes: The dangers of the sedentary office

Sep 2, 2018

One admissions officer's effort to challenge the status quo of sitting.


Do you like to teach? New faculty opportunities for AACRAO's REG101 and REG201 Training

Sep 2, 2018

Application deadline December 1st.


Cuba: Higher education for workforce development

Aug 20, 2018

The socialist nation plans education in a centralized, intentional way to meet projected labor needs.


The 4th Industrial Revolution: Can colleges change fast enough?

Aug 20, 2018

Committees, meetings, and processes, oh my! Higher ed institutions aren’t generally considered nimble. But they’re going to have to change to thrive.


Field Notes: Advice on career development for young professionals

Aug 20, 2018

How to seek leadership opportunities, expand your knowledge and skill set, and cultivate your interests.