Meet Joseph Beam, AACRAO’s new Marketing Coordinator

February 23, 2021
  • AACRAO Staff
headshot of Joseph Beam

AACRAO is excited to announce a new member to our team, Joseph Beam, Marketing Coordinator. Joseph will serve as the new editor of AACRAO Connect as well as provide general marketing and communications support to AACRAO.  

Welcome to AACRAO! Tell us a little bit about your background. 

I attended Missouri State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Professional Writing. I’ve been working in marketing for about three years, and before that I spent a few years teaching English in China. I’ve helped clients outline and implement marketing strategy across a variety of verticals, and worked with each in determining their definitions of success reaching specific and achievable goals. I specialize in Inbound Marketing, Paid Advertising, and CRM and Project Management.

How will you apply your experience to AACRAO? 

Building a foundation of personal, engaging, and relevant content for AACRAO members and stakeholders is something I have a wealth of experience in implementing and look forward to the opportunity, and challenge, of making that happen for AACRAO.

What are you looking forward to at AACRAO?

I am looking forward to diving into AACRAO culture, history, and membership to get an in-depth feel for target audience needs and organizational goals. I’ve had experience working with a few higher education institutions in the past, and I definitely look forward to the opportunity to create, and optimize on, long-term marketing campaigns in this area. Making connections is what marketing is all about, and personalization, automation, and engagement is where a lot of the fun is behind the scenes.

What would you like to share about your life outside of work? 

My wife and I live in the Ozarks (just north of the Boston Mountains). In my spare time, I love to tinker on motorcycles, paint miniatures, and travel. Since the pandemic, I’ve spent so much more time on my personal computer that I tend to run away from the digital whenever I can. In addition to my hobbies, I’ve also been learning (mostly by osmosis) a lot more about biology as my wife (currently an RN) has returned to school to further her education.

“The centralization of communications and marketing into one department was a strategic move by AACRAO management that is starting to bear fruit,” said Quintina Barnett Gallion. “While we are still wrapping our heads around the departure of Brooke Barnett, we are beyond excited to welcome Joseph to our team. He immediately impressed us in his interview with his writing and technical experience - he’s a communication strategist so he gets the big picture. We’re truly looking forward to better supporting AACRAO’s vision, mission, and goals with Joseph on the team. 

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