AACRAO - Call for CEMO Survey Participation

March 8, 2021
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One of our members, Lisa Emery, is seeking participants for her dissertation study. Please see the details below.

Chief Enrollment Management Officers (CEMOs) are invited to participate in a study collecting information about factors impacting job satisfaction and retention.  AACRAO’s 2020 Career Profile on CEMOs found that there is a high turnover rate among professionals serving in the CEMO role. There has also been no noticeable shift in CEMO position participation rate by race, ethnicity, or gender since the first report was released in 2014. In the 2020 data, 84 percent of survey respondents identify as white.

AACRAO research also indicated that there were likely to be several hundred CEMO openings in the United States in the next three years. To offer guidance for that career path, the report also explored the responsibilities, workloads, and common challenges faced by CEMOs and asked respondents what skills they considered most important to the position.

This new research aims to gain a better understanding of the role and what structures may exist within institutions which provide higher satisfaction and support for their CEMO.  This research is being conducted by Lisa Emery, Senior Associate Registrar at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor as part of her PhD program at Eastern Michigan University.  

The information learned from the study may assist institutions looking to restructure their Enrollment Management positions as well as professionals who may be looking to apply for a CEMO role.  A link to the survey can be found here.

This survey will be open until March 25, 2021.



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