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AACRAO's bi-weekly professional development e-newsletter Connect offers timely information, actionable tips, and expert guidance relevant to your career; stories about interesting colleagues doing inspiring things; and news about association services, activities and resources.

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Calling all Doctoral Students - Paging Dr. AACRAO

Aug 23, 2021

New listserv and virtual meet-and-greet for members pursuing their doctoral degrees.

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AACRAO ASCEND Program Application Now Open

Aug 23, 2021

AACRAO's Ascend Program Application is now open. Learn more about the program, its goals, and how to apply.

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Spread the Word for Afghanistan: Using the Article 26 Backpack and Supporting the AUAF

Aug 23, 2021

Article 26 Backpack more important than ever in light of recent events taking place in Afghanistan.

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Field Notes - Moving from Hierarchy to Collaboration

Aug 9, 2021

AACRAO contributor Amy Harth explores lessons learned in management and leadership.

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Bethel University Grants Credit to First Student for Completion of the SEM Endorsement Program

Aug 9, 2021

Learn about the SEM Endorsement Program and credit agreement with Bethel University.

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Join The Upcoming State & Regional Coffee Break

Aug 9, 2021

Join AACRAO's State & Regional Associations Coffee Break to discuss event and conference planning.

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Field Notes - Barriers and Blunders in the Transfer Process

Aug 9, 2021

Contributor Thomas J. Grites explores topics in transfer and possible solutions.

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AACRAO Hill Day Advocate Spotlight

Aug 9, 2021

AACRAO's 2021 Congressional Hill Day Advocates have been chosen.

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AACRAO to Offer Five Scholarships to Partner Data Analytics Course

Aug 9, 2021

AACRAO partners with Element451 to provide 5 scholarships for enrollment analytics course.

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Field Notes - Continuous Improvement: Creating a Departmental Audit

Jul 26, 2021

Field Notes contributor Katie Brown demonstrates how to use resources available to improve your department.

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SEMQ Welcomes New Editorial Board Member

Jul 26, 2021

SEMQ Welcomes new editorial board member Jairo McMican to the team.

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#DoublePell Launches New Campaign and Website

Jul 26, 2021

AACRAO recently helped launch the #DoublePell campaign to double the maximum Pell Grant by June 2022.

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AACRAO’s 2021 Transfer Practice Summit - Wrap-up

Jul 26, 2021

See what happened at the 2021 Transfer Practice Summit and learn about upcoming opportunities to collaborate with higher-ed professionals.

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SEMQ Releases Volume 9 Issue 2 - Highlights

Jul 26, 2021

Latest release from SEMQ explores a variety of topics in enrollment management.

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2021 Baden-Wurttemberg Virtual Seminar

Jul 26, 2021

Applications for the virtual Baden-Württemberg Seminar opening soon.

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Prepare for the July Book Club - Discussing "The Transfer Experience"

Jul 12, 2021

Join the July Book Club to discuss "The Transfer Experience: A Handbook for Creating a More Equitable and Successful Postsecondary System."

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Ask the FERPA Professor

Jul 12, 2021

The FERPA Professor answers a member questions regarding research and record notation.

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AACRAO Small College Registrar Series - Summer Continues

Jul 12, 2021

The small college registrar webinar series continues with William Stanfill, Ed Siffring, and Julia Funaki.

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Field Notes: Self-Advocacy is Not Selfish

Jul 12, 2021

Field Notes: AACRAO Women's Caucus Chair Laura Remillard writes on the importance of self-advocacy and gives tips on how to improve.

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New Survey Open Focused on Undergraduate Admissions

Jul 12, 2021

New survey is open exploring criminal & disciplinary questions in undergraduate admissions and recruitment.