Advancing Knowledge and Creating Peer Connections

May 16, 2022
  • Professional Development and Contributions to the Field
  • AACRAO Members
Group of professionals actively listening to a presentation.

Open to all AACRAO members, the AACRAO Collective Gathering is a virtual monthly gathering that provides an opportunity to connect, exchange, and share lived experiences and best practices on the topics most important to AACRAO members. The Collective Gathering series began during the height of the pandemic when AACRAO members were experiencing significant disruptions on campus and had very distinct professional development needs. The launch of this series provided an outlet for enrollment and registrar professionals to learn from each other and to identify ways to navigate the significant challenges presented by COVID-19 disruptions.

With pandemic conditions improving and many campuses now operating in a normal or near-normal fashion, the value of AACRAO Collective Gatherings remains evident. AACRAO is committed to continuing this series and providing continuous learning and engagement opportunities among our members.

Adding Value & Evolving to Changing Needs

Recently, participants of the AACRAO Collective Gathering completed a survey to identify the strengths and opportunities of these sessions to ensure they remain a value-added member benefit. Traditionally, participants voted on topics for discussion at the beginning of the given session. However, to help members best prioritize their attendance and ensure a balance of relevant topics across the various segments of the AACRAO membership, topics will be pre-selected for future Collective Gatherings. Topics should remain member-generated, and we invite members to submit topical suggestions on an ongoing basis.

Going forward we aim to maximize value and participation and ensure this professional development opportunity continues to advance knowledge and best practices across all member segments. Anticipated changes include modified scheduling, expanded opportunities for members to contribute to the discussion, and more. If you haven’t participated in a previous AACRAO Collective Gathering, hear what your peers are saying about these sessions:

This is a wonderful group that offers a collaborative approach to learning from peers. I value this opportunity, and the small groups also allow individuals to be an expert to support others or be a learner by other subject matter experts in our field. It is great!

I value the collaboration with colleagues and appreciate real-time access to emerging issues and gaining insight into other institutions that may be "like" mine, so I can identify colleagues to reach out to individually about topics subsequent to the call.

I thoroughly enjoy these. I have gotten great ideas in the breakout groups for how others solve the same issues I have.

I connect from outside the USA, and it is somehow heartening for me to see that most problems are common and do not really depend on local politics and overall climate.

The next AACRAO Collective Gathering takes place on Thursday, May 26th, from 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. EST. Register here.  For any questions about the AACRAO Collective, please direct your questions to AACRAO’s Community & Volunteer Manager, Chris Apple.


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