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cartoon figure reminiscent of Einstein stands in front of a chalkboard with the board "FERPA" written on it

Ask the FERPA Professor

May 3, 2021

The FERPA Professor answers member questions regarding the recordation provision and dual enrollment.

Bogus Institutions Documents book cover.

AACRAO Publication: Bogus Institutions and Documents

Apr 19, 2021

AACRAO Releases Guide to Bogus Institutions and Documents which identifies common types of fraud encountered in admissions and registrar offices.

wooden figurine wearing a graduation cap standing in front of a book, pencil container, and globe

Field Notes: Collaborating with Campus Partners to Enhance Yield Efforts

Apr 19, 2021

Field Notes contributor discusses tactics for increasing yield in 2021.


Survey Opportunity: Post-Pandemic Mobility

Apr 19, 2021

The Centre for International Education and Exchange is asking for survey participants to explore post-pandemic mobility.

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7 Leadership Qualities for Registrars and Admissions Officers

Apr 19, 2021

Understanding and applying the qualities of a compassionate leader.

illustrated image of a laptop with a multi-participant video call on the screen

AACRAO Collaborates with the University Council of Jamaica

Apr 19, 2021

AACRAO presents at The University of Jamaica's 16th annual Quality Assurance in Higher Education Week.

three illustrated businesswomen

New Leadership in AACRAO Caucuses

Apr 19, 2021

New leadership for AACRAO's Black and Women's caucus in 2021.

little cartoon figures stand around a computer monitor doing various things like holding a magnifying glass or a bull horn

Update from the Department of Education’s Privacy Office

Apr 16, 2021

Dale King, Senior Policy Advisor, administers the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

paper with an image of a graduation cap visible and undistinguished text

FAFSA Simplification Act: Pell Grant Program Impacts

Apr 16, 2021

An in-depth look at the FAFSA Simplification act, what has changed, what the impact will be on Pell going forward.

hands holding pens and pointing over a table with charts and data sheets

Support Holistic Advising Across the Learner Lifecycle

Apr 5, 2021

Modernizing the admissions and advising process to create a seamless experience for students.

Illuminated lines akin to a stock chart

Field Notes - Strategic Planning Framework: Pre- & Post-COVID

Apr 5, 2021

Five strategic planning initiatives for higher education institutions dealing with the impact of COVID.

small cartoon female cries as a giant hand points at her

Microaggressions: A Million Tiny Paper Cuts

Apr 4, 2021

The importance of understanding and confronting microaggressions in real time.

text "meeting the moment: current and future state of digital credentials" beside a cartoon Japanese cherry blossom

Meeting the Moment: A Look at the State of Digital Credentials

Apr 4, 2021

Presenters explore the future of digital credentials and the advantages of adopting blockchain as a solution for higher education institutions.

white background with the text "articulation agreements in action!"

Articulation Agreements in Action!

Apr 3, 2021

How CSM is transforming Articulation Agreements into Customizable Electronic Student Plans.

White background displaying the text "utilizing student data to inform classroom pedagogy" with a circular headshot of Alexander Taylor and Rodney Parks off to the side

Utilizing Student Data to Inform Classroom Pedagogy

Apr 3, 2021

Annual Meeting presenters discuss the importance of using data to facilitate and expand the faculty-student relationship.

presentation slide displaying the text "introductions and overview"

SEM as a Connector

Apr 2, 2021

AACRAO Annual Meeting session presenters discuss building relationships in the new normal and the responsibility of SEM professionals.

male student takes notes as a female instructor overlooks

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Student Support and Retention Approaches

Apr 2, 2021

Recommendations for advising students on how to get back on track.

White background displaying the text "Successful Recruitment, Retention, and Yield of New Students"

Webinar - Successful Recruitment, Retention, and Yield of New Students

Mar 29, 2021

AACRAO, NACAC, and NODA leadership discuss and critically analyze the roles each association plays in the matriculation process.

Aerial view of a highway made of streaking lines of light.

Interstate Passport: Streamlining Transfer to Increase College Completion

Mar 22, 2021

A discussion on the background, development, and outcomes of Interstate Passports and its benefits for students and institutions.

Smiling female student standing outside on a college campus.

Revamping Your Transfer Visit Program

Mar 22, 2021

Tactics institutions can take to revamp or revitalize Transfer programs.