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July 25, 2022
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The SEMQ Editorial Board consists of representatives from all sectors of higher education. It strives to represent the diversity of viewpoints represented by experience with and expertise in various institutional types, settings, and the perspectives brought to higher education by diverse backgrounds. Due to the level of research required for publication, board members must hold an earned doctoral degree. The SEMQ editorial board meets virtually twice a year.


Why it's Important

SEMQ Editorial Board members serve an integral role in the journal's continued success in providing high-quality SEM research to the field of higher education, said Managing Editor Heather Zimar. In addition to providing valuable guidance on the strategic direction of the journal, they offer positive feedback to authors, helping each to develop research and writing skills and ensuring that content meets the journal’s research standards and is applicable to the field.

Serving on the SEMQ Editorial Board provided me with the opportunity to read relevant scholarly work, provide constructive feedback to authors so they could refine their articles, and work closely with an amazingly talented peer group on the board, said Luke Schultheis, vice president for community affairs at Fairleigh Dickinson University, who served on the SEMQ Editorial Board from 2013-2019. This was a very rewarding experience.

Jody Gordon, a former vice president of students and enrollment management and now managing consultant for AACRAO Consulting, added:

My six years on the editorial board for SEMQ were a valuable experience. Not only did I get an advance read on the latest research in the field of SEM, but I also honed my own writing and editing skills by reviewing the work of my colleagues. I learned so much about leading-edge SEM work being done both in the United States and in Canada and made new connections with fellow board members. And the editorial staff were just great to work with too.


At the request of SEMQ editors, members of the editorial board review articles submitted to the journal, consider the article's appropriateness for AACRAO's membership, the usefulness of the information, the nature and logic of the research methodology, clarity, and the style of presentation. Each editorial board member generally reviews one to two articles for each issue or a total of four to five articles per year.

In addition to reviewing articles, board members are required to author/ co-author and submit one SEMQ manuscript during each three-year term. Occasionally, board members assist with AACRAO Annual Meeting or SEM Conference sessions geared toward promoting the journal and encouraging research and writing in the field.

Members of the board commit to serving one three-year term, with the option of serving a second term. 

To indicate your interest, please send a resume or CV to SEMQ’s Managing Editor by August 15, 2022.