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July 25, 2022
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AACRAO joins the Credential Futures Coalition as a Founding Member

As AACRAO pursues renewed efforts to advance the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) and its next-generation Learner Employment Record (LER), we prioritize co-leading the conversation among the larger higher education community. We are committed to ensuring that the registrar remains a key stakeholder in efforts to improve the recognition of learning.

Ensuring a leading voice within this ecosystem, AACRAO is proud to join 1EdTech, CBEN, and UPCEA as founding members of the Credential Futures Coalition (CFC). The CFC is a network of mission-driven organizations focused on learner-worker mobility with the purpose of learning and sharing important programs and projects with other leaders in CLR/LER. The CFC recently held a kick-off meeting with representatives from 16 non-profit organizations, with another ten indicating interest in future collaboration.

Goals Moving Forward

The goal of this inaugural discussion was to provide a guided share-out of what organizations are doing to contribute to learner-worker mobility and provide valuable reference resources for the community. While many organizations are working on a critical solution to redesign our learning system, it is rare to have a space to gather to share information, learnings, and other information that could help us all achieve our work better and faster. This authoritative survey of activity will help us all understand the progress made and help us identify the current greatest needs on subjects of policy, practice, and technology.

The CFC gathering epitomized the high level of interest in digital credentials by the many groups and organizations whose interest is to support and serve learners as they prepare themselves for next steps in their careers, be they academic or in the workforce.  The meeting provided an opportunity to learn from one another about their initiatives in the space as well as their concerns and challenges.  It was truly an important step in creating the future ecosystem required to enable our primary clients - students in higher education - to highlight their educational achievements. - Melanie Gottlieb, AACRAO Executive Director

Get Involved

These efforts tie directly to the Community of Practice and Community of Interest that AACRAO convened to advance the CLR. AACRAO created these communities to surface best practices and opportunities from member institutions and ensure that the interests of AACRAO members remain in focus within this ecosystem. CLR Community of Practice members will host an Ask Me Anything session on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, from 1-2 pm ET to accompany this dialogue. This event provides a platform for members to ask questions and gain insights into their efforts to explore and implement a CLR within their institutions, learning directly from representatives who have advanced CLR at their schools.

We invite all interested members to register for this event and join the conversation as AACRAO continues to champion this conversation.


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