Shelby Cearley

Shelby L. Cearley is Senior Representative-Registrar Operations at Adtalem Global Education. She has worked in international admissions and credential evaluation since the early 2000s and was also previously an instructor in Speech Communication. A graduate of the NAFSA Academy for International Education (Class IV), Shelby has presented several admissions- and credentials-related sessions at regional and national conferences and was chosen as a delegate for the 2007 Baden-Württemberg Seminar in Germany. She has served as the TAICEP Vice President for Resources and Knowledge Management and was previously NAFSA RAP/admissions and International Enrollment Management liaison (2008-2010 and 2017-2018), NAFSA Academy of International Education coach (Region III 2011-13), TAICEP Secretary/Member of the Board of Directors, and a NAFSA Trainer Corps member (since 2008). She was RAP Admissions & Credentials newsletter wRAP-Up co-credentials editor from 2010-2012 and is a contributing author for the NAFSA Online Guide to Education Systems Around the World.