International Education Standards Council (IESC)

The IESC is a volunteer assembly of experienced professionals familiar with credential evaluations and international admissions. Research projects, necessitated by changes in global education systems, are delegated to the members and findings are presented to the group for further debate with an ultimate goal of forming placement recommendations.

We’re looking for talented professionals who want to become more successful in and contribute to the field of international credential evaluation. Fellows will gain valuable insight and learn best practices from professionals with decades of experience. The knowledge gained with this Fellowship will be instantly applicable when setting and implementing standards within your office and will empower you to confidently establish procedures for you and your colleagues.

This is an opportunity to grow your professional network, engage in deep discussions about credential evaluation, increase your knowledge and skill sets, while gaining an opportunity for publication in a global database and other widely distributed works.
  • Qualified candidates should be in their first five years of international credential evaluation.
  • Fellows selected will be concurrently placed onto the International Publication Advisory Committee, which provides additional opportunities for professional collaboration and publication.
  • Fellows are expected to participate in twice monthly hour-long conference calls.
  • Priority will be given but not limited to individuals at AACRAO member institutions.
  • The Fellowship will last no longer than one year, to maximize the number of individuals who will benefit from this opportunity.
  • There will be no more than two Fellows each year.
  • Fellows will be tasked with specific research projects to be considered for inclusion within AACRAO EDGE.

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