Instructor-Led Course FAQ

  • How do I sign up for a course?


    Select a course from the menu of online courses. A link to the online registration form is provided following the course description. You will need to complete the form and submit payment by credit card. You will receive an email from AACRAO Community confirming enrollment. If you are having trouble signing up, or signing someone else up, please email and invoices or other solutions can be used to complete the registration and enrollment process.


  • How do I get access to the online course site?


    Approximately one week before the course is scheduled to begin, you will receive an email with your user-id, password, and instructions for accessing the course site. The course site will be available to you the morning the day the course is scheduled to begin.


  • What if I can't begin on the first day of class or have work interruptions during the class?


    A major advantage of online learning is the flexibility it offers participants. Minor delays in participation will not be a problem. Join the class activities as soon as you can.


  • Do I have to be online at the same time as other class members and faculty?


    No. Our course site is available to you 24/7. Participate at a time convenient to you during the class schedule.


  • How much time do I need to plan for study each week?


    You should plan for 6-8 hours for course activities, which may include readings, class discussions, quizzes, team projects, etc. Assignment discussions are the most important part of the instructor-led courses and the students themselves can dictate what topics within a module receive more or less focus. The instructors will respond and guide discussion accordingly while taking care to keep discussion on topic.


  • Do I need purchase or gather any additional material?


    No. All materials required for course completion are supplied within the course, including readings, videos, quizzes, short courses, and online resources. 


  • What kind of acknowledgement will I receive if I complete a course successfully?


    Course participants who complete the required activities will receive a course completion certificate from AACRAO.


  • Will I lose access to the course site the day after the course ends?


    You will be able to revisit the course site for one year after the class ends so that you can review readings, discussions forums, and other course resources. You will receive an email notification when your course access is set to end from the Path LMS. 


  • Can I access the course site before the class is scheduled to begin?


    You can see each course you have access to at as soon as you receive your enrollment confirmation. However, your access to course materials is limited until approximately one week prior to the start date. You will receive notification from AACRAO at this point.


  • How can I be sure I have completed all of the requirements to receive a certificate?


    Each course has an activities checklist that participants can download and use to track their progress.


  • What if I have additional questions or concerns?


    Questions should be sent via email to