Essentials of Project Management

2023 Schedule


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Individuals in any organization are occasionally asked to take on additional tasks that require planning and management in order to achieve a desired objective. This course will provide the non-project manager with a basic project management framework to support the successful planning, execution, and management of any project. Projects may be special one-time events or occasional activities that require a plan to define and achieve specific objectives that support an organization’s mission. Participants will be asked to identify a potential project from their institutional context in order to gain hands-on experience with planning a project during the course. Course materials and examples will be presented such that AACRAO members will be able to relate them to their own contexts (registrar, admissions, and enrollment management functions).

Duration: The course will require participants to engage in learning activities over a three week period. The total estimated time commitment for participants is 20 hours.

Topics covered in the course:

  • What is a project?
  • Project management overview
  • How to initiate your project
  • Plan your project roadmap
  • How to execute your project
  • How to monitor and control your project
  • Closing your project
General Syllabus


May 11 - 29


October 30 - November 19