Service-Delivery Ventures Involving Third Parties

To ensure that the reputation and trademarks of AACRAO receive the utmost protection, the Board has developed the following guidelines. All AACRAO-branded service units that involve third parties through such arrangements as partnerships, joint ventures, or licensing agreements shall comply with these guidelines.

  • The services offered by AACRAO-branded service units must relate to the Association's mission and its members' professions.
  • The Association shall, through appropriate member involvement, develop and impose high quality standards on AACRAO-branded service units.
  • The Association shall assess the membership's views and conduct business and legal due diligence prior to, and periodically after, launching an AACRAO-branded service unit.
  • The President shall appoint an advisory panel of voting members to review such ventures involving AACRAO branded service units.
  • The Association shall develop a communication plan to keep the membership informed of the activities of AACRAO-branded service units.

M/S/P [Peterson/Roof. 10/0] March, 2004