In furtherance of its mission, AACRAO may enter into partnerships with nonprofit or for-profit entities.

Definition of Partnership

For purposes of this policy, a partnership refers to any contractual agreement between AACRAO and another entity under which AACRAO and one or more partners share financial profits and losses of a mutual undertaking. Exempted from this definition are collaborative activities with other organizations in connection with legislative and public policy concerns, as well as co-publication of single titles of interest to AACRAO members.

Identification of Partnership Opportunities

It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Director to identify partnership opportunities for AACRAO that will assist the Association in accomplishing its mission more efficiently or effectively. The Executive Director shall report to the Board of Directors from time to time on his/her efforts to identify partnership opportunities.

Evaluation of Partnership Opportunities

AACRAO shall enter into a partnership only if the partnership relates directly to the interest of the membership, advances the professions represented by the Association, or furthers the organization's mission in a way that the Association could not accomplish on its own.

Authority of Approve Partnerships

The AACRAO Board of Directors shall have final authority to approve all partnership agreements.

Mandatory Terms in Partnership Agreements

AACRAO will enter into a partnership only if the binding partnership documents:

  • Permit use of AACRAO's name and logo only by parties to the agreement and only in connection with the specific activities of the partnership.
  • Indemnify the association for losses arising out of actions by the partner organization.
  • Contain explicit termination clauses.
  • Indicate the degree to which the partnership is an exclusive agreement.

M/S/P [Anderson/Lonabocker. 9/0] December, 1999