• SEM Solutions from AACRAO


    In less than a month, hundreds of your professional colleagues will be gathering to collaborate and learn about all aspects of strategic enrollment at AACRAO's annual SEM Conference.

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  • Second-year slump: The honeymoon's over


    "Institutions typically invest heavily in the first-year experience to promote persistence, yet colleges are also experiencing a pattern of attrition in the second year," observed Althea J. Sterling, Assistant Dean for Student Services at Touro Law Center. "The second year is viewed as a period in which students encounter increasing academic, developmental, and social demands, yet the institution tends to provide less support relative to the first year."

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  • Whole-campus SEM planning


    The University of Victoria is in the process of finalizing their strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan, and Jim Dunsdon, Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs, is excited about the way the process has developed and brought the campus together.

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  • 3 tips for building the strongest SEM team possible


    To achieve organization-wide strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan buy-in, two- and four-year institutions are deploying campus-wide SEM teams. A well-functioning team can greatly increase the chances of your plan’s success.

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  • September 2018 - Defining Student Success


    I ran across two articles recently, one in Inside Higher Ed and another by Northeastern University, both talking about how some universities are giving students an Amazon Echo Dot as part of their student package...I am personally “geeking out” thinking about the research to come that will examine the relationship between student success and Alexa (or other similar interface) users to non-users.

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  • C&U Journal: "Want to Expand Global Education? Ask the Registrar!"


    Dr. Rodney Parks, University Registrar and Assistant to the Provost and Alexander Taylor, a Student Information Systems technician, at Elon University, along with Jesse Parrish, Financial Manager in the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University co-authored an article in the August 2018 issue of AACRAO’s College & University Journal. The piece, titled "Want to Expand Global Education? Ask the Registrar!”,

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  • University of Oregon offers first-in-nation virtual campus experience


    Traditionally, the campus tour is a powerful recruitment tool -- especially for institutions with unique and beautiful campuses, such as the University of Oregon in the scenic Willamette Valley in Eugene, OR.

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  • August 2018 - Qualitative Research – Often Time Consuming but Valuable


    The stories we get from our members about their experiences both professionally and with their own institutional practices add a great deal to our understanding of the complexity of higher education.

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  • July 2018 - Identify the approach colleges and universities use in recruiting high school seniors to their institutions


    We are pleased to announce new functionality for the blog. Readers can now add comments. It is our hope that this new functionality will encourage contributions from our members.

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  • Trump administration rescinds race and ethnicity guidance


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  • June 2018 - Announcing a New Research Advisory Board Member


    The AACRAO RAB is pleased to announce that we have a new member, Michael Flanigan, starting with the RAB on July 1st. Dr. Veronica Garcia is stepping away from her role on the RAB. She has been a valuable member of the group, and her service is greatly appreciated.

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  • May 2018 - The many degrees of institutional freedom


    In the almost four years that AACRAO has used the 60-Second Survey concept, I am struck by one theme that runs throughout: there are many degrees of freedom associated with the practices and policies for which we try to gain a common understanding through these surveys.

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  • March 2018 - Planning for the Demographics Shift


    Our opening keynote speaker here at the AACRAO annual conference, Francisco Marmolejo, spoke about the global economic and demographic shifts that will impact higher education in the United States and abroad in the next 20 plus years.

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  • April 2018 - Socioeconomic Paradigm Struggles for Low-Income Graduates of Elite Leagues


    I found this story in the Christian Science Monitor of great interest. The article examined the struggles of a few low-income, and/or first-generation students who experienced difficulty transitioning from “poor to privileged.”

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  • SEM as the Tool for Effective Retention Planning


    Too often, higher education professionals look to Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) simply as a recruitment plan. While this perspective overlooks the planning and organizational framework supporting effective SEM work, it also overlooks SEM’s role with successful retention planning.

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  • Get endorsed by AACRAO for competency in SEM


    Strategic Enrollment Management Endorsement Program (SEM-EP) director Christopher Tremblay chatted with AACRAO Annual Meeting attendees at his session covering AACRAO’s SEM-EP program. The program is a self-paced professional development program which promotes industry competency and readiness.

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  • Overlooked inefficiencies in Admissions that can impact yield


    ​All too often institutions focus efforts, strategies, and resources on the front end of the admissions funnel, thinking that the recruitment and marketing emphasis is the greatest factor in yield and although these areas are crucially important, the same attention and allocation of resources must also be applied to the operational and follow-up emphasis, otherwise spending on recruitment and marketing may be for naught.​

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  • Contribute To Your Profession


    ​There are several opportunities to become more involved in the profession, AACRAO staff shared at an Annual Meeting session on Monday afternoon.

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  • Rethinking Advising For Online Students


    Online degree programs bring unique challenges for faculty, staff and students. In a recent article in College & University, Rich Simpson, Registrar for the Online and Professional Studies Division at California Baptist University, calls on colleges and universities to do more to support online students’ success by rethinking advising.

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  • Looking back: One year into the new FAFSA filing timeline


    As colleges and universities entered into the first year of the new filing timeline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), there were a number of questions and concerns swirling in the minds of enrollment managers as they headed into the 2017 admission cycle.

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