Your Feedback in Action

January 23, 2023
  • Professional Development and Contributions to the Field
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As long-time AACRAOans are aware we love surveys, feedback forms, questionnaires, and even the occasional focus group. We conduct these exercises for a variety of reasons, but the most important one is to ensure that AACRAO continues to provide the resources, content, and experience you require to deliver and implement success at your institution. 

As we map our course for the coming year we strive to incorporate your feedback into all of the work we do. This includes things like conference location and format, new online & on-demand training opportunities, increased collaboration with State & Regional ACRAOs, a renewed commitment to leading the work in CLR/LER, and much more.  Below you'll find examples of change that comes as a direct result of the feedback AACRAO members have provided over the last year. 

Meetings & Conferences

  • 108th AACRAO Annual Meeting - This one is just around the corner and we are proud to continue offering a virtual component for those who are unable to attend in person. Each year we ask our Annual Meeting attendees to fill out a post-attendance survey and support for the virtual component has remained strong since its introduction.
  • Convergence - This in-person joint conference from AACRAO and UPCEA focuses on new and emerging trends in the field of alternative credentials. 
  • Women's Leadership Institute - Growing, building, and facilitating opportunities for women leaders in higher education to connect and learn from each other is important and we at AACRAO are thrilled with the response this work has generated.

Increased Learning Opportunities

  • International Institute - Returning, by popular demand, to an in-person format this year, the International Institute covers best-industry practices for the evaluation of international credentials. Attendees who successfully complete each course receive the AACRAO International Series badges. 
  • On-Demand Learning - Our team has been hard at work creating, testing, and implementing new course content for the coming year. AACRAO members can take these courses at either a discounted rate or, on select courses, for free. Below you'll find a non-comprehensive list of a few of our latest courses.
    • Core Concepts of Strategic Enrollment Management
    • Enrollment Managers' Role in Retention and Student Success
    • Enrollment Management: Environmental Scanning
    • AACRAO State and Regional Fundamentals
  • SEM Endorsement Program - More popular than ever, the SEM Endorsement Program offers formal recognition of an enrollment management skill set, positions participants as leaders in the field, validates on-the-job experience, and facilitates career advancement.

New Avenues to Get Involved

  • AACRAO Collective - Regular attendees to the Collective may have noticed some changes to the format over the last few months. These changes reflect our commitment to providing space for our members to connect & exchange ideas wherever we can. If you haven't attended in a while, we encourage you to drop in.
  • AACRAO Connect - Interested in exploring a topic in higher education? We are always looking for new member voices to highlight in this newsletter. If you have an idea for an article, would like us to explore a particular topic, or just want to brainstorm, let us know at
  • SEM Quarterly - SEMQ will soon release a special issue that aims to advance our knowledge about the innovations and solutions regarding how strategic enrollment management (SEM) is being used to address equity, diversity, inclusivity, and decolonialization at post-secondary educational institutions. Those interested in contributing should contact Managing Editor, Heather Zimar.


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