The Power of Community: Finding Support in Times of Turmoil

Jackie Carter |
October 17, 2023
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A statement from Jackie Carter, AACRAO Board President, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Washington University

AACRAO is at its best when its members –its heartbeat – feel safe, heard, and valued. However, once again, the world is in turmoil after the Hamas-led terrorist attacks in Israel and the intensifying humanitarian crisis in Gaza. AACRAO members find themselves in need of support and community due to these intensely tragic events of the past weeks and the uncertainty and fear of what may be yet to come. The trauma and isolation of war have ripping effects.

Creating Accountable Space

Many AACRAO members, especially those in the Jewish and Palestinian communities, are facing increasing amounts of scrutiny, pressure, and trauma. Community is more important than ever.  

There may be interest in a space for AACRAO members who are facing current trauma and/or long standing difficulties. There could also be opportunities for dialogue between these two groups of AACRAO members whose people have long-standing historical connections and conflicts, but who see and value each other's humanity and well-being above everything else. 

- Ari Kaufman, AACRAO Vice President for Finance/Associate Registrar, Berklee College of Music/Boston Conservatory at Berklee

For those looking for an opportunity to connect with each other, click here to initiate the creation of the AACRAO Jewish Caucus and the AACRAO Palestinian Caucus. AACRAO Caucuses are open to all members. They are accountable spaces for collective wisdom, learning, support, ideation, and more.  

Working in higher education means moving toward a more inclusive future, one where we integrate diversity and inclusion into our institutions at every level. Our association is committed to creating a space where all are valued and heard, and respect is expected and achieved. AACRAO's Caucuses are networking and affinity groups designed to promote diversity and equity in higher education. The creation of a new caucus requires an interest to join from a minimum of 10 AACRAO members.

Caucuses fall under Committee Group 5: Access and Equity. All AACRAO members are eligible to join a caucus. For those looking for an opportunity to build and connect with others in their community, click here to indicate your interest in the formation of a new caucus. Caucuses are accountable spaces for collective wisdom, learning, support, ideation, and more.

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