Ari Kaufman

Assistant Director, Project Management & Student Data Compliance, Berklee College of Music

2021 AACRAO Elections - Vice President for Finance Candidate

Thank you for nominating me to serve as AACRAO’s Vice President of Finance.

As an enthusiastic member of AACRAO for over a decade, I am deeply committed to AACRAO’s mission.  I am fascinated to see what challenges and opportunities await us over the upcoming years.  

My involvement with AACRAO has included serving for 3 years as the Group VII Coordinator on the Program Committee and as Chair of two different PACs.  I have collaborated to put together meaningful workshops and sessions for our attendees. 

I recently served as Member-at-Large on the AACRAO Board’s Finance, Investment, and Audit Committee. In this role, I became familiar with the details of AACRAO’s audited financial statements and investment strategy.  We completed a successful RFP process to select AACRAO’s new investment manager. Managing the RFP process is one of the more crucial responsibilities of the position.

As Treasurer of New England ACRAO (NEACRAO), I engaged a public accounting firm to perform agreed-upon procedures to help strengthen our internal controls.  While not a full audit, it was an affordable alternative for a regional association with limited resources.  As VP of Finance, I aim to reach out to the treasurers of our state and regional associations to create an online repository of best practices.  I also hope to foster open dialogue for this group, perhaps through periodic Zoom calls.

Prior to my registrar career at Berklee College of Music, I worked for some time as a CPA, mostly in the audit function.  In graduate school, when I had the opportunity to teach an undergraduate section of Introduction to Financial Accounting, my passion for working with students and helping them succeed became cemented!

My goal as VP of Finance is to help strengthen AACRAO’s financial position so that AACRAO can continue to be an important leader in higher education.  Additionally, I hope to engage and educate our membership on the various financial matters we face as an organization.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

With 20 years of experience in higher education administration, Ari Kaufman currently serves as Assistant Director of Project Management and Student Data Compliance in the Office of the Registrar at Berklee College of Music.  Ari is a Past President, a former Treasurer, and the current Archivist/Parliamentarian for New England ACRAO (NEACRAO). 

Ari has served as AACRAO's Member-at-Large for the AACRAO Board’s Audit, Investment and Finance Committee. Additionally, Ari served as chair of the State and Regional Relations Committee and Group VII coordinator for the Annual Meeting Program Committee.  Currently, Ari is chair of the AACRAO Staff and Professional Development Committee. Ari has written for AACRAO’s College and University (C&U) quarterly journal on the topic of student data security. Prior to his career in higher education administration, Ari worked as a CPA in the audit function at Ernst & Young and also taught financial accounting at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.