Jackie Carter

Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Washington University

2021 AACRAO Elections - President-Elect Candidate

My name is Jacqueline Carter, I have had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors as Vice President at Large, chair several committees, participate in the congressional hill day, group V Program Committee Chair for 2021 Annual Meeting, and presented at many annual meetings.  Serving in these capacities allowed me to work alongside and learn from the best within our own organization.

 I have over two decades of serving in higher education experience in Registrar, Student Affairs, Advising, Student Development Advocate, Coaching and Diversity, and Inclusion and Admission.  In my collaboration with the Admission team, we saw the highest increase of graduate students of color at that time.  I am humbled to have been nominated for the President-Elect role for AACRAO.  As an inclusion change agent,  I look for opportunities to address and remove barriers to flourishing such as the following: 

·     Lead the change for the scheduling of caucus meetings at annual meetings

·     Assist in the implementation of joint caucus for greater awareness and understanding. 

·     Co-led Student Identity workgroup to developed meaningful guidance for our students impacted by gender-markers.

·     Instrumental in crafting the diversity and inclusion definition for the organization to take a stance on social justice. 

·     Assist with creating the purpose and description of the Ombudsman role.

AACRAO is a member-driven organization and a leading voice in higher education nationally and globally.  I am eager to work with the Board and my fellow members on the strategic goal to continually advance our organization to be a strong leader in this profession and address policies to advance our profession and students.  In addition,  I welcome the opportunity to advocate for the right of equitable education for all regardless of social identity, economics, geographic, small or large institution, public or private institution is a fundamental civil right.  The COVID-19 pandemic made the light more striking this is a priority.  As a first-generation student, I know education is the pathway to economic success and internal fulfillment.  I embrace collaborating with the members in leading this effort for equitable education for all learners.  I am ready to fulfill this charge.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.