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March 22, 2020
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AACRAO’s Research Advisory Board seeks new members to advance AACRAO’s research efforts by providing ideas on research topics and feedback survey/research design. 

Read on to hear about one member’s experience of working on the board, and apply online now.

Who should apply?

Current member Christopher Tremblay, Director of Strategic Engagement at Michigan College Access Network, is leaving the research board to focus his energy on his many other commitments (including Director of AACRAO SEM-EP and new editor of the journal C&U). He encourages those to apply who have significant experience in AACRAO’s professional fields and who stay abreast of the literature and current trends. 

“It’s important for research board members to know what research is already out there, what’s missing, and what generates excellent research questions,” Tremblay said. 

Why research matters

Tremblay has served on the board for five years, over which time AACRAO’s research agenda has grown significantly, in part thanks to the popular “60-Second Surveys,” which can quickly and efficiently generate targeted insight about hot topics. With more than 10,000 members, AACRAO surveys offer robust representative samples. 

“Wendy Kilgore, AACRAO Director of Research, has done amazing work generating more research and strengthening the accessibility of the work through AACRAO’s website, particularly the Eye on Research blog,” Tremblay said. “AACRAO Research has become a helpful repository for researchers and practitioners to get a sense of what’s going on. It’s a real benefit to AACRAO members to have access to all of this content to help with planning, decision-making and benchmarking with research coming from a national perspective.” 

What board members do

“Board members act as a sounding board for Wendy, helping to get the tight focus needed for those 60-Second Surveys,” Tremblay said. “We also have brainstorming sessions about what’s going on nationally and where the gaps are in the research, and we review research grant applications and weigh in on the selection of those.”

Read more about board members’ responsibilities and apply to join.

Do you rely on AACRAO research?

If so, please let us know. AACRAO Connect would like to run a future article highlighting why it’s important to stay informed.



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