Research Advisory Board

AACRAO Research Advisory Board Charter


This advisory board provides feedback and ideas to the Director of Research on research topics of interest to the membership. Additionally, advisory board members will be asked to serve as an occasional source of practice expertise for inquiries from members and to provide feedback on survey/research design.

The advisory board will engage in a face-to-face meeting or phone conference meeting at least twice a year. All members will be expected to participate in these meetings. If the meeting is face-to-face, it will be scheduled either during the SEM conference or the Annual meeting depending on advisory board member availability (TBD).

Ad-hoc phone meetings and email exchanges may also be needed to support the research efforts. Participation in the ad-hoc discussion is encouraged but not mandatory.


The advisory board is comprised of up to 7 members. The collective experience of the advisory board members is intended to represents expertise spanning several areas including registrar, admissions, enrollment services, institutional research and enrollment management among others as appropriate.

Length of Service

Each advisory board member will be expected to serve for three years starting on October 1st of each year with an option to continue for an additional three years. The inaugural year was October 2015.

Member Selection Process

Applications will be evaluated by current advisory board members and a new member will be selected by October 1 each year unless an unexpected vacancy needs to be filled.

The Research Advisory Board is accepting applications.

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This position will be selected each year by October 1.

Advisory Board Members 

Jason Brown CC

Jason Brown Since 2016
Curriculum Coordinator 
Pima County Community College District

Mike Flanigan CC

Michael S. Flanigan, Ed.D. Since 2018
Director of Planning and Operational Technologies
Division of Strategic Enrollment Management
Virginia Commonwealth University

Joseph Paris CC

Joseph H. Paris, Ed.D. Since 2020
Assistant Professor of Higher Education
College of Education and Human Development
Temple University