Meeting the Moment: Transformations in the Digital Credentials Space

February 17, 2021

Free Webinar | 1:00-2:00 pm ET

Higher Education institutions are facing unprecedented challenges. Student mobility, financial pressures, fraud, rapidly expanding program offerings, alternative learning modalities and nontraditional experiences – all accelerated by the current crises -require leaders to rethink how they meet this moment. Institutions are seeking ways to continue to support a more agile, higher education ecosystem that supports the modern student, employment and civic ecosystem.

Registrars, and others tasked with the formal recognition of learning and learners also need to identify approaches and solutions to meet this moment. Building knowledge about existing practices and new technologies for issuing verifiable digital credentials is one-way registrars can work to meet challenges facing students, institutions and the rapidly evolving global workforce.

In this webinar AACRAO will share a preview of the results of our recent digital credential ecosystem survey and report, highlighting current practices, emerging trends and knowledge gaps. We will hear from three higher ed leaders about the current state of digital credentials, including EDX, electronic PDFs and blockchain verifiable credentials. We will also hear about how they see a future state of digital credentialing evolving to address the challenges and opportunities of the modern student experience. Finally, we will share a few resources to help you get started or learn more about digital credentialing solutions.

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headshot of  Dr. Wendy Kilgore

Dr. Wendy Kilgore

Senior Director of Research, AACRAO


photo of Mary Strain

Mary Strain

Strategic Alliances

headshot of Sue Reyes

Sue Reyes

Analyst/Programmer, San Diego State University

headshot of Cameron J. McCoy

Cameron J. McCoy

Vice President and Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives, Lehigh University

headshot of James Feigert

James Feigert, Ed.D.

Registrar, Saddleback College

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