Quintina Barnett Gallion

headshot of Qunitina Barnett Gallion

Associate Executive Director, Strategy and Planning

Strategy & Planning Division

Quintina is a change maker committed to access, equity, and justice.

She returned to AACRAO in 2010 where she developed and led the implementation of its communication department, technologies, and strategy. Previously at AACRAO she supported the development of training in International Admissions, advocated around issues related to federal funding, privacy and data, program integrity, access and equal opportunity, veterans issues, immigration policy, and international policy.

Quintina also works with organizations around the county to uncover insights using qualitative methods in order to build cultures and climates for innovation in higher education and workforce development.

Quintina holds an MS in Mass Communication – Communication Strategy from Virginia Commonwealth University, a BS in Business Administration from Washington & Lee University as well as a Digital Marketing certification from Georgetown University.

Quintina's Role at AACRAO

Quintina is the executive lead responsible for AACRAO's position in the field of higher education administrators. She synchronizes all association staff, activities, and offerings to fulfill AACRAO's five strategic goals.