Meet AACRAO’s New Parliamentarian

March 6, 2023
  • AACRAO Leadership and Governance
Board room with empty chairs.

The AACRAO Board of Directors began a search for someone to fill the position of Parliamentarian at the beginning of January 2023. AACRAO received over 25 applications within a month of opening the call. A small committee within the Board of Directors reviewed all the applications submitted and put forth two candidate recommendations for a Board vote on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. It is with great honor that we announce Marc Booker, Vice Provost, Strategy, at the University of Phoenix, as AACRAO’s new Parliamentarian. Tiffany Blackwell, Director of Recruitment and Admissions Orientation at Tri-County Technical College will serve as an Alternate. 

Marc will begin his term at the 2024 Annual Meeting in Columbus, Ohio. When asked why he applied to serve as AACRAO's newest parliamentarian Mr. Booker said:

I applied for the position of AACRAO parliamentarian because I have long held a mantra that if AACRAO needs support I will be there to lend a hand. Even though my career has taken me to the more academic administrative side of things, I don’t think I can ever give back enough to AACRAO or PACRAO for the contributions they have made towards my Professional Development and for the friendships I have made.  As a result, I try to stay actively engaged to support the Association and if I see an area where I can support and strengthen AACRAO I raise my hand. 

Fortunately, as the Vice Provost of Strategy at my institution it gives me the latitude to place effort toward areas of strategic importance, and I believe that admissions and registrar roles are the best pipelines for institutional leadership of the future – so I strategically have continued to support AACRAO (and of course AACRAO’s work in transfer credit, process improvement, and advocacy are of strategic importance – but at the end of the day it's always about the people). Specifically for the parliamentarian role, I felt I would be a good fit because I have been the parliamentarian for PACRAO, and I am also the Vice Chair of my institution’s Academic Council, which comes with the role of being parliamentarian for this body.  These experiences have given me extensive knowledge of Robert’s Rules and appropriate procedures, so I felt I would have the skills to serve the Association effectively.  

Please join us in congratulating Marc on his new role.

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