Marc Booker

photo of Marc Booker

Vice Provost, Strategy, University of Phoenix

2021 AACRAO Elections - Vice President for Finance Candidate

I am running for the position of VP for Finance & Investments because I believe that my skills and experience at the national, regional, and professional levels are appropriately situated to serve AACRAO and advance the goals and needs of the organization. I was on the slate for this role during the previous election cycle when the VP for Finance & Investments position was open, and I continue to be interested in serving AACRAO in this role.  

I have extensive experience with finances and investments. Functionally, I served as both the President and also as Treasurer for PACRAO. During my tenure as PACRAO treasurer, I re-organized the Association's financial planning strategy and book-keeping processes to provide more clarity to membership and assist the PACRAO Board with understanding the P&L for their annual meeting and board expenses more clearly. In my professional role at work as Vice Provost-Strategy, I am responsible for building and allocating multi-million dollar annual operating plans on behalf of the academic division at my institution. This includes handling contract negotiations and relationship support for third-party vendors (LMS, EdTech, etc.) consisting of several multi-million dollar partnerships. My skills and competencies in understanding both non-profit and for-profit financial, accounting, and negotiating principles on a practical basis make me an ideal candidate to serve AACRAO capably and suitably in this critical role.   

Beyond my skills and experience in finance and investments, I have an enormous desire to serve AACRAO to give back and advance the organization. AACRAO does a tremendous job building the pipeline for higher education leaders of the future, and service to this organization is a perfect way to ensure this continues well into the future.  I am humbled, again, to be given the opportunity to serve you and the Association in this capacity.

With nearly two decades of experience working with online and distance education students at the post-secondary level in admissions, registrar, and academic administration roles Marc Booker brings a unique perspective on the trends in higher education from a non-traditional student lens.  As Vice Provost for Strategy at the University of Phoenix, Marc oversees critical path academic initiatives to improve the student experience such as learning platform implementations, curricular enhancements, and developing empathetic solutions to drive improved student outcomes through data. 

Marc is actively engaged in the higher education community and in 2016 served as the President for the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, and is currently a faculty member for the Association’s Leadership Development Institute.  Since 2009, Marc also has been a regular speaker, contributor, and subject matter expert at national and regional conferences for AACRAO, PACRAO, CAEL, EDUCAUSE, and ACBSP sharing insight on various topics including leadership, process improvement, change management, prior learning assessment, transfer credit, and articulation.  Marc has also contributed to several publications as a co-author for AACRAO’s Guide to Best Practices: Articulation Agreements (2019); writing a chapter on international admissions for the AACRAO International Guide (2016), and was a consultant and named contributor to the Transferability of Postsecondary Credit Following Student Transfer or Co-Enrollment (2014) study published by the National Center for Education Statistics within the U.S. Department of Education.  In 2020, Marc received a Hall of Fame recognition from Blackboard for his contributions in providing thought leadership and innovation in education.