Int'l admissions: Advice for newcomers and experienced professionals

October 17, 2017
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On February 5-8, 2018, AACRAO International will host the 12th Annual Winter Institute for International Transfer Credit in Arlington, Virginia. (Learn more and register now.

Our expert faculty offer advice to newcomers to the field and experience professionals alike.

Advice for newcomers: Research, resources, and initiative

“Relax, ask questions, network, get involved! If you want to stay in this field, forge ahead and let us know you want to be involved. I love it when someone tells me that want to get involved. I tell them to write a proposal for a session or webinar, and if they need help with it they should go ahead and invite us to present or work with them.” ~ Julia Funaki, Winter Institute faculty member since 2006

“To newcomers in the field I would simply say that there are LOTS of resources out there! Gaining skills, knowledge and experience are great but confidence is what you need the most. Know where to find the answer even if not on the tip of your tongue!” ~ Robert Watkins, Winter Institute faculty member since 2006

“Research everything and take advantage of any resources you can. Always be ready to learn because every credential you look at is different – even among the same institution. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” ~ Staci Bernhard, New Winter Institute faculty member!

Advice for experienced professionals: Mentor, network, and stay current

“Well, I would say that even for the most experienced international admissions officer, keeping up with current trends and professional development opportunities.” ~ Annetta Stroud, Winter Institute faculty member since 2011

“Pay it forward. Be a mentor and a mentee. Learn from others and teach others. The work we do changes as the world changes, and our work today is different than when I started in this field. Our field is only as strong as our willingness to teach the newcomers.” ~ Funaki

“Build your network. It’s so important to have connections outside your institution, especially when it comes to making sense of something that is out of the norm. Know where to go to get more information.” ~ Bernhard

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Why attend Winter Institute? Learn, connect, grow.

Each year, the Institute helps more than 50 international admissions professionals stay up-to-date with current practices and expand their network with other institutions. Funaki, Bernhard, Stroud and Watkins offer their insight into what makes the event worthwhile.

“Winter Institute is a fantastic opportunity for professionals at all levels to engage and network with other institutions, to learn from different institutional perspectives, while learning best practices for the transfer of credit." ~ Stroud

“Several reasons: Networking, Enhanced Skills Training, Validation, Professional Development.” ~ Funaki

“The reason to attend a Winter Institute is that there are fewer and fewer professional development opportunities in our field these days and this is one of the best still available!” ~ Watkins

“Having attended other workshops by various agencies, I feel like the Institutes hosted by AACRAO are the most comprehensive. As a professional in this field, you should never stop learning. This is the perfect opportunity for that. As someone still on the frontlines of credential evaluation, I look forward to learning any tips and tricks you may bring with you and seeing how that can be integrated into what I do.” ~ Bernhard

Register now for the 2018 Winter Institute, February 5-8, in Arlington, VA.

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