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April 18, 2020
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As you acclimate to sheltering at home, you may find yourself with the time and inspiration to consider contributing to AACRAO’s professional research journals, SEM Quarterly and College &University. Both journals are seeking manuscript submissions for 2020-21. 

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SEM Quarterly (SEMQ) chronicles the evolution of strategic enrollment management through peer-reviewed original research and thought pieces. The journal categorizes articles into several columns: “A View from the Top,” “The Research Agenda,” “Leading Strategies,” “The Global Context,” Graduate and Professional Schools,” “Cases from the Field,” and “The Buzz.” SEMQ manuscripts should be based on original research or practice in strategic enrollment management, demonstrating familiarity with SEM concepts and research. 

College & University (C&U) is AACRAO’s long-running professional research journal, which covers general topics of interest to higher education registrars, admissions officers, and enrollment managers. C&U includes Feature articles (peer-reviewed research-based and expert articles) as wells as Forum articles (commentaries, campus viewpoints, book reviews, and brief research pieces). C&U submissions may be of broader interest to student services researchers and practitioners. Both journals encourage submissions based on recent dissertations.  

Potential topics could include (but are not limited to):

  • Admissions

  • Registration

  • Recruitment

  • Leadership

  • SEM Planning

  • Communications/Marketing/Recruitment

  • Student Access

  • Student Success

  • Adult/Nontraditional Students

  • Transfer Students

  • Faculty/Administrative Collaboration

  • Graduate and Professional Schools

  • Financial Aid

  • Institutional Budgeting

  • Operational Improvements

  • Technology

  • SEM Research

  • Global Initiative

  • Student Choice

Both journals welcome submissions from AACRAO members and others in the field, including faculty members, graduate students, and higher education practitioners. For more information, contact Managing Editor Heather Zimar at heatherz@aacrao.org.


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