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Call for Proposals

Deadline: April 10, 2020

For 30 years, AACRAO's Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conference has been at the forefront of professional development for practitioners at all levels and institutional types—including faculty members, academic advisors, student success managers, international educators, institutional researchers, and senior enrollment leaders—at baccalaureate/graduate colleges and universities, graduate and professional schools, community colleges, and Canadian and international institutions.

Presentation Topics
We seek proposals for best practice sessions, poster presentations, stop & share discussions, and roundtable sessions on:

  • SEM hot topics
  • SEM research
  • Innovative ways institutions are implementing SEM

Presentation Formats
In addition to best practice sessions and roundtables, we have opportunities for you to showcase a Poster or host a Stop & Share session.

In a poster session, you directly engage with conference participants with a poster display that captures your topic and ideas in printed text, graphics, tables, and images. Poster presentations will be held during a dedicated poster showcase on Monday from 4:15-5:15 p.m. You are expected to accompany your display as part of this presentation format.

Below is a list of suggested topics. We strongly encourage topics that support AACRAO’s Professional Competencies and Proficiencies for SEM. Sessions that support the framework will be given additional consideration. 

Program and Proposals Questions:
Email Clayton Smith, Ed.D., SEM Conference Director

Other Inquiries:
Email meetings@aacrao.org or call (202) 293-9161

Become an AACRAO member:
Email membership@aacrao.org

Did you know about Stop & Shares?

Stop & Shares are small, informal gatherings where participants can connect with and build a network of colleagues who experience similar challenges and successes on their campuses. Generate conversations around a SEM hot topic, best practice, or technological innovation, or continue dialogue from a past meeting and/or presentation.

Hot Topics

  • Culture & Environment
    • Developing a SEM-focused collaborative institutional culture
    • Academic planning in a SEM culture
    • Engaging and involving faculty in SEM
    • Applying SEM in a competency-based environment
    • SEM environmental scanning
  • Recruitment
    • Addressing enrollment challenges in a world of changing demographics
    • Enrollment planning for a downturn in population
    • Recruiting and retaining undocumented students
    • Enhancing SEM to attract and retain international students
    • Redefining student enrollment success
  • Student Services & Success
    • Delivering exemplary student service SEM career planning
    • Using SEM to advance graduate studies
    • Using SEM to support the success of distinct populations of students
    • Putting our focus on community college completion
    • Enhancing academic advising to achieve stronger retention, completion, and transfer pathways
  • Data & Technology
    • Embracing Big Data and institutional research
    • Applying data analytics and predictive modeling
    • Building an enrollment and revenue projection model
    • Use of data visualization and dashboards
    • Successful analysis and implementation of financial aid leveraging
    • Developing High Impact Practices (HIPs) that support SEM
    • Implementing leading-edge technologies
    • Introduction and implementation of SEM beyond North America
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Innovative SEM Implementation

  • Admission practices
  • Enrollment planning
  • Financial aid, scholarships, and pricing
  • Implementing and tracking SEM
  • Marketing
  • Organizing for SEM, including SEM leadership
  • SEM research, data analysis, and analytics
  • Student recruitment
  • Student success and retention
  • Use of technology to support SEM

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Research Track

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center will once again sponsor a Research Track at SEM. AACRAO will waive half the conference registration fee for one presenter in each of the selected research proposals. We encourage enrollment management and institutional research staff to submit proposals on how they are using data/research to:

  • Shape admissions recruitment and admissions marketing efforts
  • Recruit first-time students and/or transfer students
  • Class and Room Scheduling
  • Inform strategies for using campus-based student aid to help shape enrollments
  • Analyze student retention and success
  • Develop strategic enrollment management
  • Enhance strategic enrollment management at a Canadian institution

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Corporate Presentations

Individuals employed by organizations offering goods and services to institutions of higher education may not serve as presenters in sessions, except through the Corporate Presentation category. Sessions are considered corporate when the subject matter promotes a company’s product. Sessions submitted through the regular proposal form will be reviewed for appropriate content and may be reclassified as a corporate presentation, which would dictate a presentation fee. For information on corporate presentations and fees, contact AACRAO’s Marketing Department at (202) 263-0287, or via e-mail at corporateinfo@aacrao.org.

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Selection Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated on clarity, quality, method(s) for engaging conference participants, professional practice generalizability, and representation among institutional types and interest areas. Those that clearly demonstrate how they support the AACRAO Competencies and Proficiencies will be more favorably reviewed than those that do not.  It is imperative that session submissions demonstrate how the entire session time will be utilized to avoid “partial session” experiences for attendees.  Selected presenters may register for the conference at a discounted registration rate. Notifications of proposal status will be sent in June 2020.
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