Call for Proposals

The call for proposals is closed.

AACRAO is a leading authority on student admissions, academic records, international education, and enrollment management. We invite content experts to share ideas, best practices, and solutions that are helping to shape the future of higher education.

Presentation Formats
Submit a workshop, roundtable, session or stop & share topic for consideration. Panel discussions, hands-on sessions, and case studies, as well as subject matter that supports AACRAO’s Professional Competencies & Proficiencies, will be given additional consideration.  


"Sessions" are 45 or 75-minute presentations given by a single or panel of presenters.  Still slide and/or video content is expected throughout the presentation; sessions often culminate with a question and answer exchange between audience members and the presenter(s).  

"Roundtables" are 50-minute discussions led by a presenter on topics at the forefront of the field.  Still slide and/or video content are often included as visual prompt "talking points" for the discussion.  

"Stop & Shares" are small, informal gatherings where participants can connect with colleagues who experience similar challenges and successes on their campuses. Conversations typically center around a hot topic, best practice, or technological innovation, or continue dialogue from a past meeting and/or presentation.

"Workshops" are half to full-day courses led by experts in critical content areas of the field.  Courses range from basic skills and knowledge in registrar, admissions, recruiting, and enrollment functions to courses that help participants build on their work experience to advance in their careers.  Registration for workshops is usually separate from registration for the full conference event.

Program and Proposals Questions:
Email Jonathan Helm, Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair

Other Inquiries: 
Email meetings@aacrao.org

Become an AACRAO member:
Email membership@aacrao.org

Guidelines for Submission

AACRAO’s Annual Meeting highlights the scope and breadth of our members' professional responsibilities across all institution types. To ensure presentations are of the highest quality and are applicable to a broad audience, proposals should: 

  • be general
  • present multiple viewpoints
  • represent multiple institutions and institution types (two-year, four year, public, private, etc.)
  • draw from theory
  • be grounded in research
  • focus on trending and 'hot topics'
  • demonstrate practical applications to the profession
  • include assessment or trend data as appropriate
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Suggested Topics

  • Recruiting underrepresented populations
  • Admission’s role in the academic enterprises
  • Professional development, sustainability, and core values
  • State of the economy and the impact on higher education
  • Regulatory issues: accountability, disclosure, compliance
  • Retaining and graduating students
  • Business processes and design/redesign
  • Planning, assessment, benchmarking/performance measures
  • Institution-wide enrollment management
  • Classroom scheduling and optimization
  • microcredentials/badging
  • Serving distinct and/or non-traditional populations (ie, veterans, LGBTQ+ students, native populations, students with disabilities)
  • Financial aid – what staff and faculty need to know
  • Immigration issues
  • Student transfer trends
  • Identifying and working with at-risk students
  • Access and affordability
  • New international trends
  • Transforming data into information
  • Building relationships with and managing expectations of students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, etc.
  • Relationships with state, federal, and accrediting agencies

Corporate Presentations

Sessions are considered corporate presentations when the subject matter promotes a company’s product or if the presenter(s) are employed by an organization offering goods and services to higher education institutions. Sessions submitted through the regular proposal form will be reviewed for appropriate content and may be reclassified as a corporate presentation, which would dictate a presentation fee. For information on corporate presentations and fees, email AACRAO’s Department of Corporate Partnerships.

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