AACRAO’s 2021 Transfer Practice Summit - Wrap-up

July 26, 2021
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Transfer Wrap Up

AACRAO’s Transfer Practice Summit was a resounding success. Expert speakers, interesting sessions, and collaborative panel discussions were all on display during the July 8 and 9 Transfer Practice Summit. 

Sessions topics were timely and thought-provoking throughout the summit and overall attendance was at an all-time high.



Themes for the Transfer Practice Summit included:

  • Data & Research

  • Transfer Practices

  • Essential Transfer Resources

  • Leadership

  • Communication

Some of the more popular sessions included: 

  • AACRAO’s Transfer Guides to Best Practices - Presented by Seth Kamen, Consultant. This session looked at AACRAO’s Guide to Best Practices: Articulation Agreement and A Guide to Best Practices: Awarding Transfer and Prior Learning Credit. With more than 150 attendees the session helped attendees understand how higher education professionals can leverage AACRAO resources to enhance their institution’s transfer practices.
  • Transfer credit: Currency and Equivalency Transfer - Presented by Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, Assistant Vice President for University Academic Policy and Director, University Transfer Office. Ms. Gentle-Genitty’s session explored the idea of credit as currency. Leading the discussion with more than 90 attendees, Ms. Gentle-Genitty examined policies and practices, standardization of credit, transparency.

Stay Involved

Though the 2021 Transfer Practice Summit has concluded several opportunities to learn, collaborate, and network with higher education colleagues are just around the corner. 

Upcoming AACRAO Events and Workgroups:

  • AACRAO’s 2021 Technology Summit - The Technology Summit focuses on the technology of transfer and meaningful data exchange. Now is the time to accelerate change. AACRAO is determined to remove transfer barriers and speed processes that support student decision-making and advising by supporting institutions in migrating to digital document pathways. 

  • Transfer Student Success Workgroup Report - The soon-to-be-released report will summarize key themes and recommendations that emerged while researching policies and best practices that distinguish institutions as effectively supporting transfer student success.