AACRAO Podcasts are back for Season 2

October 21, 2019
  • Admit It
  • Competencies
  • For the Record
  • Professional Development and Contributions to the Field
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Last winter AACRAO introduced two podcasts - Admit It, covering admissions topics, and For the Record, covering all things registrar. The two podcasts covered subjects relevant to each profession, and ones that have been consistent favorites like FERPA and campus visits.

But our hosts never shied away from hot and current discussions. Season 1 saw the two productions offering their own takes on the same topics - Admit It tackled trans-inclusive higher education and For the Record educated us about chosen name

As the productions gained traction with the membership and the higher ed community at-large, we knew we had something special. Thanks to our hosts, James Miller and Doug "Don't call me Charles" McKenna, we are pleased to kick off Season 2 this week.

What's on deck?

Our dedicated have a lot on deck for Season 2 of these AACRAO productions. Review the topic lists below and join the email lists for alerts of new releases.

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Implementing a Noncognitive Assessment
Test Optional Admissions
What Headhunters Want
The Chief Admissions Officer Survey
The Future of Lead Collection
CEPP Redux: What’s Next

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The Registrar Website
Registrar as Advocate: Equity and Inclusion
Cultivating Campus Partnerships
The Registrar and Athletic Certification
The F Word (It's "Faculty")
International Student Considerations



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