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An AACRAO podcast that serves to educate, amuse and inspire professionals in college admissions and enrollment management

Episode 3: Diversity and Inclusion for Admissionsplaybutton2

A sit-down with University of Puget Sound Chief Diversity Officer and nationally recognized diversity and inclusion expert, Michael Benitez on how admissions offices and diversity offices on college campuses can work more closely and effectively together.

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Episode 04: Jeff Kallay on the role of the modern campus visit and whether we are geared up to deliver good on-campus experiences to the next generation of students

Episode 05: Christopher Tremblay the inventor of the college admissions focused card game “Getting In”.

Episode 06: Dr. William Sedlacek on Employing Noncognitive Variables in Admissions and Post Enrollment Programs in Higher Education

Previous Episodes

Episode 1: Classic Interview with Scott Jaschik playbutton2

Admit It sits down with Scott Jaschik (like classic) to discuss the Inside Higher Ed 2018 Survey of Admissions Directors. In this wide ranging conversation, we cover how the current political climate impacts college admissions, the Students for Fair Admissions vs. Harvard affirmative action court case, the state of the test optional movement, the increasing struggle to meet enrollment targets by May 1, and so much more.

Episode 2: Dr Beemyn on Trans-Inclusive Higher Educationplaybutton2

Dr. Genny Beemyn, Director of the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts, sits down with James Miller to talk about the needs of Trans students on campus and in the admissions process. The conversation covers a wide range of topics from the progression of LBG students in college vs. the progress of Trans students in college to best practices for inclusive recruitment and admissions practices.

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