AACRAO international year in review

December 15, 2020
  • International
illustration of 3d numbers reading 2020, with the first zero represented as a globe

With 2020 coming to an end (!!) we'd like to recap all the initiatives, projects, and papers that came from AACRAO’s international department this year. It's been a busy one, full of curveballs, and we're proud of the work we're doing to keep members ready to hit it out of the park. 

Winter 2020

The beginning of the year, we hosted webinars on the Groningen Declaration Network, and developing protocols for international evaluation as COVID-19 began affecting international institutions. AACRAO was also pleased to present at the 2020 AIEA conference on "UNESCO’s Global Convention on Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education:  Implications for the U.S. International Student Marketplace."

Spring 2020

The virtual offerings continued as Annual Meeting was cancelled, and most workplaces turned remote. From an overview of secondary offerings in WAEC countries, to an introduction to an all new AACRAO EDGE, our webinars were on fire. 

Summer 2020

The newest version of AACRAO EDGE, our international credential evaluation database was released. A webinar on the education system updates of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Georgia was held, along with a workshop on the credit hour system in Uzbekistan

Fall 2020 

AACRAO presented at the 2020 TAICEP Conference on international credential evaluation. In addition, we kicked off the EDGE monthly user group series for EDGE subscribers; as a subscriber, you get a monthly email to attend these free webinars to address any EDGE related questions. In addition, our International Education Standards Council Fellowship is now open for applications. Apply today and gain mentorship and guidance for your research.



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