Uzbekistan 2030: The Silk Road to Internationalizing Higher Education

December 3, 2020

Free Webinar | 2:00-3:00 pm EDT

In ancient days, the Silk Road made Uzbekistan an international destination. Now Uzbekistan is embarking on a 10-year plan with a goal of once again becoming an international hub – in higher education. This webinar will be a Silk Road journey that begins in Uzbekistan’s current international education landscape. On the horizon we will consult Uzbekistan’s road map for increasing internationalization, in the context of the UNESCO “Education 2030” initiative and based on the Presidential Decree of October 2019 and the new law on education passed in September 2020. We will get updates on changes in secondary and higher education that have been implemented recently, and learn about AACRAO’s role in supporting a significant new step on Uzbekistan’s road forward.



Julia Funaki portrait

Julia Funaki

Director, International, AACRAO


Ann Koenig

Associate Director, International, AACRAO (retired)

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