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Compliance Audits

In the wake of highly-publicized incidents involving well known institutions, FERPA and FERPA HIPAA compliance has become a key issue for universities and colleges nationwide. AACRAO FERPA Consulting will help you address your student privacy issues, by understanding and implementing correct policies and procedures for protecting information. We’ll conduct a comprehensive audit at your campus, assist you with putting the right policies and practice in place.

Audits can be scaled to include FERPA, HIPAA, or comprehensive legal issues at your institution.

Vendor Product Reviews

According to FERPA, institutions must maintain strict control of third-parties conducting work on behalf of the university. If the Department of Education finds any of the work done by a third-party to be non-compliant with FERPA, the institution is held responsible. How do you ensure their compliance? Do you have the time or resources to conduct your own audit? Our FERPA Professor can help.

Mr. Rooker will visit the contractor and fully audit the services and/or products in question. In the event of one or multiple infractions, Mr. Rooker will develop a set of recommended action items to rectify the problems so both parties can proceed with normal operations as quickly and easily as possible.

FERPA Self-Assessment

Complete the Registrar’s Self-Assessment tool, which includes an entire section devoted to legal issues, with FERPA at the fore.

Designed with the input of AACRAO thought-leaders, the questions address key areas of policy and procedure regarding FERPA. Based on the answers you enter, a list of recommended action items will be generated that can be shared with the institution. This is a great way to see how prepared your office in the event of a legal issue.