Core Competencies


Diversity and Inclusion

Functional Description

Admissions, registrar, and enrollment management professionals value and foster an environment that ensures respect, support and safety for all members of their campus and professional communities, and actively promote the expansion of ideas, perspectives, and understanding that comes from a diverse and inclusive community.  

Content Knowledge Requirements

Broad understanding of social justice, racial, ethnic, sexual and gender identity theories and their application within admissions, registrar, and enrollment management practices, structures, and objectives.

Skill Requirements

Ability to identify systematic barriers to equality and inclusiveness and to purposefully advance enrollment management processes and systems to contribute to an inclusive campus climate.

Ethical Requirements

Actively integrate diversity and inclusivity principles into all aspects of personal and professional practice.

Expertise Levels

Entry level

Integrate cultural knowledge on specific diversity topics into enrollment-related programs and services, designing culturally relevant programs, services, policies and practices. Willingness to assess and one’s own skill set regarding equity and inclusivity and develop strategies to increase one’s understanding of other cultures.

Intermediate Level

Building on basic skills, actively engage enrollment management staff in learning opportunities to facilitate growth and understanding of social justice concepts, as well as how to integrate these principles into their daily work. Use advocacy skills to contribute intentionally to the creation of an inclusive campus climate and profession.

Expert Level

The principles of diversity and inclusion are integrated into all activities, including identification and elimination of barriers, resource allocation, strategic planning, attracting and hiring individuals of diverse backgrounds, and personal and professional leadership. Ensure enrollment management policies, practices, structures, resources, and technologies contribute to a diverse and inclusive climate and represent diverse abilities and beliefs. Serve as a leader on campus and across the profession in fostering a culture that supports a safe and open exchange of ideas, identifies instances of power and privilege, and actively works to address areas in which diversity is not fully supported.

How to Use Our Core Competencies

The Competencies & Proficiencies are designed to be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Crafting professional development plans for individuals or teams
  • Self-assessment and benchmarking individual professional development
  • Drafting position descriptions and evaluating office functions

The AACRAO Competencies and Proficiencies are a living resource that will continue to evolve parallel to the demands of our professions in a dynamic higher education environment. If you would like to make a suggestion for a future version, contact us at