Core Competencies


Change Management

Functional Description

Identify the need for implementing a change within the organization based on data analysis and environmental scans, define the scope of the change, and provide the leadership required to execute the change. Develop coalitions necessary to guide and support the change. Communicate the need and urgency for change to the campus community and plan execute a communication plan to keep the campus community informed about the status of the change.

Content Knowledge Requirements

Understanding of general literature surrounding organizational change (e.g., Kotter’s Leading Change) and popular change management methodologies (e.g., Six Sigma or Agile). Understanding of project management skills and means of communication.

Skill Requirements

Strong skills in data analysis, project management, communication, staff development, business process and policy analysis, and creativity required.

Ethical Requirements

Conduct aligned with the established AACRAO principles of professional ethics and practice in academic and enrollment services. Ensure that campus codes of conduct and ethics are followed.

Expertise Levels

Entry level

Understands the general steps (e.g., planning, developing support, budgeting, leading, communicating) of implementing change and has been a part of organizational change as part of an enrollment management organization. Involvement in managing change limited to transactional or operational processes. 

Intermediate Level

Demonstrated success in leading a change project within an enrollment management organization. Projects are generally limited to within the organization itself, and leadership is limited to leading the implementation team itself. Changes generally limited to transactional or operational processes.

Expert Level

Demonstrated success in leading change across a university campus. Projects include service units and/or academic units beyond enrollment management organization.  Leadership required beyond the implementation team to ensure support and success of the change. Success in anchoring the new change into the culture of the enrollment management unit and the campus. Incorporates the needs to change and/or develop policies for the campus.  Leads transformational change that fundamentally alters the vision or mission of the enrollment management unit and/or campus.

How to Use Our Core Competencies

The Competencies & Proficiencies are designed to be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Crafting professional development plans for individuals or teams
  • Self-assessment and benchmarking individual professional development
  • Drafting position descriptions and evaluating office functions

The AACRAO Competencies and Proficiencies are a living resource that will continue to evolve parallel to the demands of our professions in a dynamic higher education environment. If you would like to make a suggestion for a future version, contact us at