S6E15 - Farewell from Sarah, with Love to the Listeners

February 20, 2024
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Listen Here - S6E15 - Farewell from Sarah, with Love to the Listeners


This is an episode of love and gratitude from University Registrar and For the Record Co-Host Sarah Reed, with love to the listeners. Sarah Reed is stepping away from co-hosting  For the Record and is sharing her reflections about how she stumbled into podcasting, the journey of podcasting, her thoughts about and processing this change of stepping away from something she has deeply enjoyed, and other reflections she learned through the process and from guests directly to the listening audience.  She ties her reflections on this experience to the game of life and shares how the lessons she’s learned from podcasting may resonate with the listening audience.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Sarah’s intention in this episode is to transparently share the impact of the many people who have contributed to this meaningful journey and share so much love back to them and the listening audience (yes, that means YOU!)
  • Delve deeper into the shared personal experience (the good, the challenging, and the meaningful) from Sarah’s journey of falling into podcasting and some of the challenges she faced in learning to podcast and co-hosting podcasting on For the Record.
  • Hear some of the tips and lessons that Sarah has learned in her journey of podcasting that resonate most with her.
  • Addressing the imposter phenomena. Sarah shares some of her own experience with imposter phenomena and what she’s learned about this experience of phenomena from her For the Record guest speakers during the past two years.

Host and Guest:

Sarah Reed, University Registrar
University of California - Berkeley

References and Additional Information:
Video Link: You Are Enough, Motivational Speaker Lisa Nichols 
(Sarah’s favorite recording from her favorite motivational speaker)


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