Dr. Wendy Kilgore

headshot of  Dr. Wendy Kilgore

Senior Director of Research, AACRAO

Research & Policy Division

Dr. Kilgore has more than 20 years of experience as a higher-education administrator, researcher and consultant in the United States and Canada. Her experience and proficiency lie in professional disciplines related to enrollment management and enrollment services, including the use of technology, organizational restructuring, student-centric business-practice development, policy development and management of comprehensive collaboration to support enrollment efforts.

Prior to joining AACRAO, Dr. Kilgore served as state dean of enrollment services for the Colorado Community College system, which consisted of 13 colleges. Before moving to Colorado, she was the director of admissions and the registrar for the Pima County Community College district, a large urban community college headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. Her professional and consulting experience spans a wide array of institutions, including large public research universities, small, private faith-based institutions and private for-profit institutions.

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Wendy's Role at AACRAO

Wendy leads AACRAO's research agenda, providng valuable insights into issues that impact the professionals and learners that our members serve.