Public Policy Agenda

The AACRAO Public Policy Agenda outlines major issues impacting AACRAO members and presents a framework for AACRAO's involvement in the public policy arena in the following areas:

  • Federal Funding of Higher Education


    In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, a strong higher education infrastructure and a well-educated population are important to ensure economic innovation and competitiveness. Read more


  • Privacy and Data


    In 1974, the passage of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ushered in a new era for educational privacy rights through its application of fair information practices to educational records. The culture of privacy is so deep-rooted within the education community that there have been few violations of FERPA over the past four decades. AACRAO is deeply committed to the promotion of privacy policies that maintain the confidentiality of the highly sensitive data that students willingly entrust to educational institutions. Read more


  • Accountability and Program Integrity


    AACRAO feels strongly about the need to maintain the integrity and accountability of the Higher Education Act's gatekeeping system of federal recognition, accreditation and state licensure policies. Read more


  • Access and Equal Opportunity


    AACRAO firmly supports the principle that the doors of higher education must be open to all qualified students regardless of their financial resources and that access and equal opportunity for all are the cornerstones to a thriving democracy. Read more


  • Veterans' Issues


    AACRAO recognizes and honors the sacrifices these men and women have made and its members are proud to assist and help them meet their educational goals. Read more


  • Immigration Policy


    AACRAO firmly believes that the nation is best served by providing access to higher education to ambitious young men and women who can make vital contributions the nation's economic strength and global competitiveness. Read more


  • Transgender Student Rights


    AACRAO has been at the forefront of issues supporting gender identity recognition, and in many cases leading the charge to push for more inclusive institutional policies. Read more


  • International Policy


    AACRAO is the leading source for international education research for international credential evaluation for the purposes of higher education and immigration. The association engages in initiatives that contribute to the development of policy and practice that supports international student access and mobility. Read more