Online and Mobile Advertising

Pricing Structure for AACRAO Connect and Transcript

Banner Ad PlacementMember PriceNonmember Price
1 placement*$600$900
4 or more placements**$500 each placement$800 each placement

* Banners are placed at bottom of newsletter
** Banner design may be switched out if doing 4 or more placements

Dimension: 587px x 111px
File format: .gif, .jpeg, .png

AACRAO Engage Advertising 


Banner ad linked to website


*Ad placed on the main menu page of the app

Dimension 600px x 110px
File format: .png

 College and University Journal Advertising

  PlacementMember PriceNonmember Price
  Inside Front Cover$3,995$4,295
  Inside Back Cover$3,795$4,095
  Full Page$2,400$2,700
  Half Page Horizontal$1,700$2,000

  Dimension: 8.5" x 11"
  File format: PDF

Download the AACRAO Advertising Opportunities Brochure for additional information and the insertion order form.