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College and University Journal

College and University (C&U) is AACRAO's educational policy and research journal focusing on emerging concerns, new technologies and innovative concepts in higher education.

Circulation: 11,000. C&U is distributed to the entire AACRAO membership, and is mailed to college and university libraries and subscribers around the world.
Frequency: Quarterly

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Inside front cover (B&W)8.5" x 11"$3100$3400
Inside front cover (four-color)8.5" x 11"$3995$4295
Inside back cover (B&W)8.5" x 11"$2800$3100
Inside back cover (four-color)8.5" x 11"$3795$4095
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Full page8.5" x 11"$2400$2700
1/2 page horizontal7.5" x 4 7/8"$1700$2000

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On-site Program

At AACRAO's three main conferences -- Annual Meeting, Strategic Enrollment Management Conference, and Technology & Transfer Conference -- meeting participants rely on the on-site program to play their days and navigate the meeting. The on-site program includes session and workshop details, room locations and exhibitor information.

Annual Meeting On-site Program

The AACRAO Annual Meeting draws more than 2,300 professionals from all fields and levels within higher education.

The Annual Meeting is attended by enrollment management professionals, registrars, admissions professionals, academic advisors, deans and faculty, presidents, provosts, student services professionals, financial aid professionals, technology professionals, and more.

Circulation: 2,300 - 2,700

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Covers (four-color ads)
Inside front cover 8.5" x 11" $3200$3500
Inside back cover8.5" x 11"$2900$3200
Outside back cover8.5" x 11"$3700$4000
Text Pages (B&W or PMS-specified)
Full page8.5" x 11"$2200$2500

Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Conference On-site Program

AACRAO’s SEM Conference attracts senior‐level decision makers in enrollment‐related fields and their teams.

The SEM Conference attracts presidents, provosts, enrollment management professionals, registrar and technology professionals, academic advisors, deans of admissions, faculty, financial aid professionals.

Circulation: 900

PlacementSizeCorporate PartnerNon-Partner
Covers (four-color ads)
Inside front cover8.5" x 11"$2600$2900
Inside back cover8.5" x 11"$2400$2700
Outside back cover8.5" x 11"$2800$3100
Text Pages (four-color ads)
Full page8.5" x 11"$1700$2000

Technology & Transfer Conference On-site Program

The AACRAO Technology & Transfer Conference brings together technology and transfer practitioners and managers from admissions, bursar, enrollment management, financial aid, and registrar offices to share ideas, information, and solutions to improve and maximize the effectiveness of student services.

Circulation: 500

PlacementSizeCorporate PartnerNon-Partner
Covers (four-color ads)
Inside front cover 8.5" x 11"$1900$2200
Inside back cover8.5" x 11"$1700$2000
Outside back cover8.5" x 11"$2100$2400
Text Pages (four-color ads)
Full page8.5" x 11"$1000$1300