Peer Mentoring

AACRAO Peer Mentors is an opportunity for AACRAO members to connect with each other based on areas of professional strength and growth. Areas of professional development largely align with AACRAO’s Core Competencies and follow a peer mentor model - matching AACRAO members based on strengths and areas of growth rather than a hierarchical format. AACRAO Peer Mentors is designed to let the participants drive the relationship. Participants are encouraged to set goals and meet on a regular basis that fits their schedules and professional development needs. Check out the FAQs for more tips.

The Community and Volunteer Manager (CVM) will oversee the program in partnership with a Community and Content Facilitator (CCF), who will serve as a champion for AACRAO Peer Mentoring. The goal of AACRAO Peer Mentoring is to connect AACRAO members to help them further develop their professional goals and networks.

AACRAO Peer Mentoring will be open for 3 weeks at a time, twice a year: February and September. This will be done to make sure AACRAO staff have time to meet the needs of the program.

Peer Mentoring Tips

  • Before You Apply
    • Before filling out the applications, review AACRAO’s Core Competencies

    • Reflect on why you want to participate in the peer mentor program.

  • Before Your First Check-In
    • Establish regular times and expectations for communication. AACRAO recommends at least meeting virtually once a month with your peer mentor.

      • Questions you might want to discuss include:

        • Will you email in between meetings?

        • How will you schedule your check-ins?

      • Think through what information you want to ask or share with your peer mentor.

        • Questions you might want to discuss with your peer mentor include but are not limited to:

          • What areas are you struggling the most?

          • What barriers are you facing?

          • How do you define success?

          • What was one win you had in the past month?

          • What excites you about your role at your institution?

          • Why did you choose to apply for the peer mentor program?

  • During your first Check-In
    • Take time to get to know each other before jumping into goal-setting.

      • Asking questions about the person can help add context to your peer mentor relationship. Questions you might want to ask:

        • How long have you worked in your current role?

        • What made you choose the type of institution you work at?

        • What does your professional career path look like?

        • What are your professional goals?

    • Discuss and come to an agreement on what your goals are for your peer mentor relationship.

    • Be an active listener.


  • How will I find out who my peer mentor is?


    After the matching window closes, the CVM will email you to virtually introduce you to your peer mentor.


  • How are peer mentors matched?


    The CVM will review applications submitted during the open windows, which begin in February and September each year. Based on the areas of growth and strength selected, they will do their best to connect you with someone who can both help you learn and with whom you can help grow.


  • How much time should I invest?


    AACRAO recommends that you meet with your peer mentor at least once a month virtually. Make sure to discuss expectations for communication at your first meeting.


  • Are there any required outcomes?


    AACRAO recommends that you check out the tips listed on this page. It is up to the peer mentors to decide together what their goals are for the relationship and to set times to meet.


  • How long is the mentoring relationship?


    AACRAO will help make the initial match. After that you and your peer mentor will discuss the expectations and goals of your relationship. We encourage peer mentors to work together for at least 6 months to a year. We also recognize that some of you may want to continue longer - and that is definitely encouraged!


  • Additional Questions?


    If you have additional questions, email